Wednesday, December 31, 2008

BBdr visit: The New Years Eve edition

Back from the BBdr...stud midwife / ND Sara Ohgushi, (you can see a cute photo of her on the main page of her website)and she put the smack down on the sugar consumption! Get behind me lemon bars! My intake on the lemon bar population of Portland has been greatly outpacing the intake of the elk-in-the-freezer population as of late. BAD BAD!

Of course, she put the smack down on me in the sweet, kind, gentle way that she has by just HAPPENING to mention that the more sugar I eat now, the bigger the HEAD of the baby (and proportionately, the baby in general) would be when we have our little EXPERIENCE a bit later on in April.

GAH! Way to terrify a woman!

So...just say no to candy. I need to start a support group. Thankfully this medical intervention MAY come in time to stop me from giving birth to a Chocolate covered, marshmallow filled, lemon bar and perhaps give birth to a human child. Verdict is still out.

Either way, that little lemon bar can KICK! Doggies!

Everything still appears on the up and up. We've dipped into the 130 bpm heart rate realm and the extension of the belly is causing serious consideration of a few pairs of maternity pants. I'm making it to 7 months AT LEAST before plunking down some money for that, I assure you.

I'm sure the baby won't be born stubborn at all...(cough)

I had to drink the kool-aid today (see further the gestational diabetes test substance)and then donate a gallon of blood to the cause. Unlike last visit with lab work, the veins in the arm were way less cooperative and I think there might be some bruising from vein collapse. In any event, I would make a terrible intravenous drug user.

But fear not! The rest of the visit was dandy. We gifted the BBdr with some elk and I finally (month 6, hello) handed in my patient intake form. I was assured that no points would be deducted for lateness, whew!

Things are progressing lovely and I start seeing her every 3 weeks for January and February, then every WEEK in March until the baby comes (I'm still banking on April 10th).

It's really going to happen here folks...that many visits to the BBdr should begin to convince me. I think. I hope!

In other news...SAVE THE DATE for the baby shower which is going to be FEBRUARY 28th from 4-7pm. Invites are being created and will be going out in the next month or so. It's a co-ed event, sans silly baby shower games and mostly to sit around, eat pizza and drink beer and convince folks we really DO want cloth diaper service donations.

Same day as the Infant CPR class...look at how responsible we are being! LOADS of fun, I assure you.

That's all the news fit to print at this junction. I'm feeling great, BP is hanging in there and Tait and the cats still don't know what's going to hit them in April! KAPOW!

Happy New Year to all of you! I look forward to introducing you to a new little person in 2009.

KT and Tenant (aka: the lemon bar)

Monday, December 29, 2008

Week 27: Where has the time gone?

Holy crap it's been 10 days since I posted anything! That doesn't seem possible given all the sitting around BP and I have been

But first...Califlower! Yep...we've graduated to the almost 2 pound mark and I tell ya, I can feel it. The belly is getting a bit onerous. With more to come they tell me. Belly photos with the NYE BBdr appointment update.

*insert gratitous photo of said vegetable here*

THEN...there was the ARCTIC BLAST 2008 (*cue apocolyptic music here*) that the news media made into a mountain...then made into a molehill...then we had a mountain fall on top of us. Record snow for Christmas with an average 14 inches accumulated in the METRO Area. Wowza to say the least.

Nothing like sitting in your house for days on end watching it snow, reminicing about the good old days when I had to dig my car out every frigging morning to get to class my Senior year of college (ah...Nebraska...) and generally considering most of the natives and transplants from So. Cal whiny pussys. The exception being my lovely stud of a husband who took to the Subaru like a snowbunny takes to Schnaps and to my roommate T. who shoveled it all like a one man snowblower; German widowner's walk across the street included.

The chickens, however...were not amused.

The CATS however, with the exception of Sula who hates everything, were entranced that the Monkeys (i.e. BP, T. and myself) were all at their disposal to play all day long (read: stuck at home). Many a knuckle was bloodied playing with the used shoelace toy that has become a favorite. The fur sparrow has re-emerged as the premiere toy, and much fishing for cats has ensued. I think that BP's catch and release skills with trout have served him well this last few days.

Other than that, we have binged on marathon CSI: Las Vegas viewings and have done some crafting. I am sure that the child is no longer human but has become some modification of a lemon bar, after yesterdays consuption of freshly baked "gifts" for the neighbors, (cough). I'm sure I'll get down the street at some point to deliver them. They sure all pretty tho!

I'll let you know how things go on Wednesday with the per usual. I get to have a gallon of blood drawn for the (enviable) glucose test! Woohoo!

KT & Tenant

Friday, December 19, 2008

Newest Blog I am following

As many of you might know, I have gotten into following a couple of alternative "mommy" blogs. The current favorite is "Bite my Cookie", an irreverent look at life, kids, marriage, the universe and everything by a gal who lives in Portland and who I suspect used my same AWESOME Midwife, Dr. Sara.

Check her out, with all the spare time you should have since the world as we know it is supposed to be covered in apocalyptic ice and snow frogs and locust. No? Well, KINDA covered in ice frogs and locust.

She has an great written voice to read. She's irreverent, funny and dealing with the same issues I will / shall be dealing with. I strongly suspect that with a bit of research and pushiness I might be able to befriend this one. I'll keep you posted on my online stalking.

In the meantime, hope over to her blog and read the touching tribute she posted to her Boyband (Boy-friend / hus-Band). If I could say it any better to BP, I would. It applies equally to the fabulousness that is that dude that knocked me up. Word.

Kt and Tenant

Thursday, December 18, 2008

Shout out to the newest Tenant being produced in our world

The Purdues! Our friends in Utah already have a couple of chitlins lying around but just informed us of another impending Purdue on the way! Shout out to the Papa and Mama!

When I told him BP and I were pregnant he sprung into action and created a lasting momento...

I love ya Tommy...ya weirdo!

Little uninspired lately...but it's SNOWING!

Been a little uninspired as of late to post on the ole blog. That doesn't help the communication or readership now does it? It's been kind of hard to blog about the tenant when the tenant hasn't moved out yet. Mostly I feel like I am blogging about ME then...well, perhaps I am.

Onward to week 25 (and 2 days now):

How your baby's growing
Head to heels, your baby now measures about 13 1/2 inches. Her weight — a pound and a half — isn't much more than an average rutabaga, but she's beginning to exchange her long, lean look for some baby fat. As she does, her wrinkled skin will begin to smooth out and she'll start to look more and more like a newborn. She's also growing more hair — and if you could see it, you'd now be able to discern its color and texture.

Oooh, yeah a word about hair. I got's it! I have much sympathy for those men in the world that just have hair spontaneously erupt from previously smooth body parts. It's creepy! Apparently, mine is supposed to be getting fuller and more lustrous as I am retaining the hair that would normally be shed. I assert that it is just choosing different locales to appear fuller and more lustrous in! Ok, TMI.

ON OTHER NOTES, DID I MENTION IT'S SNOWING!?! I love it when it snows in Portland. Snow is one of the few things I miss about living in the Midwest. Sure snow gets a little old come MAY but for the first few months it's just thrilling to wake up to a thick blanket of new snow on the ground. It makes everything so quiet and cosy! I hope it continues to snow for the full 6 days they are predicting here...but I suspect the weather pundits don't know what the hell they are talking about, as usual. PREDICTION people, no need to freak out until the weather actually HAPPENS...sheesh. Folks get really bent out of shape around here with weather.

Other than the pregnancy trucking right along, there is not that much to report. The little kitties are settling in nicely. We have decided on the names of Leonard and Jane for them. Tho, I have taken to calling Leonard Wapiti, which is Elk in Lakota, because he has this high pitched meow that is not becoming of his stature. He's a pretty big, long cat but when he opens his mouth he sounds like he's sucked in a bunch of helium. If you've ever heard a big, burly male elk open his mouth only to have this weird, high pitched whistle come out you will know what I mean.

So things are moving along well...I have been sleeping through the night less. Sometimes it's cat related or coughing related (darned little head cold for BP and I), more recently it's been bad dream related. Apparently it's common to have all manner of wild dreams as you head into the 3rd trimester. Mine are mostly recurring dreams I have had before but with some sort of sinister twist. I have been successful at waking myself up from most of them, which is uncommon for me. They aren't terrible dreams but they get the heart racing. Very odd.

About the PAPA: Last nights exciting adventure apparently occurred without my knowledge. BP has been up a couple of times the last few nights with coughing fits. He got up last night and when he came back to bed apparently he snuggled up with his lower back on the belly and couldn't figure out what the odd sensations he was feeling were...

...wait for it...

...until he figured out that Junior had just sent a couple of well meaning kicks straight into BP's backside! He said once he figured that out his eyes got all big! He thought it was hilarious!

Enjoy the update...I shall enjoy the prospect of getting a hot chocolate at lunch time and watching it snow some more! YA!


KT and Tenant

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Month 6 Letter

Dear Tenant,

Today you have cooked "exactly" 6 months, according to the crazy method the medical folks use to determine due dates. It's been an important last 4 weeks in our world. I have been meditating on the idea of Gestation, not just as something you are going through but as a crucial requirement for your Papa and I to actually get our heads around this parenting concept.

It's been kind of a hard month. Papa and I have had lots of unsolicited advice, stories and fearful things poured into our ears (from ourselves or others)lately. I can't imagine that being pregnant or dealing with becoming parents has gotten any harder in the last 37 years since I was born but I don't remember there being such a high degree of people willing / able to try and freak out newly expectant parents with horror stories. Perhaps, since it never applied to me, I just simply didn't pay attention. This is a trait that I can only hope you acquire, even if you use it against Papa and I often.

It's been a month where your Papa has been a little bit under the weather and we have both been looking at the expectations we have placed on ourselves to "provide" for you. I think that everyone goes through this stage and it's hard for me to watch Papa not have the same hormonal deluge I have that keeps on telling me "it's going to be's all going to work out". Despite the labor horror stories, terrible economy, fear of being on maternity leave and making the bills and large amount of weirdo's in the world, I can only assume that you wouldn't be cooking in there unless everything was going to be provided for your care AS IT'S NEEDED. What I think trips both Papa and I up is that we are trying to be responsible and PLAN, but most things come when they are needed and not a moment before. Hence the need for more gestation, for both you and us.

The reason for so much more attention in the pregnancy realm had to have come from your excellent construction skills and the fine addition you have been adding on to the existing apartment. I bet it's getting a bit snug in there and a good amount of expansion was in order. From the increase in kicking I can only assume you are a) exploring the boundaries of every enclosing quarters, b) trying to send me a message in morse code or c) preparing for tryouts for a European soccer team.

Either way, keep on kicking there toots! About 2 weeks ago, your Papa and I were laying in bed reading and you were kicking up a storm and I had him feel the belly. His eyes got all big and wide when you gave him (what I can only expect was) a good shot to the palm. It was seriously cute. It was the first time he had felt you moving around. I expect this to be the beginning of a beautiful relationship, at least until the teen years hit.

Just to make our lives that much more complicated, me, uncle T. and Papa went to the pound and got a couple of little kitties to run amok in our world. They have been good training for me since one got instantly sick has had to be medicated 3 times a day and did a good deal of barfing on me in the early, snot filled stages. I looked at this as an opportunity to get prepared for small, hot mammals to expel different fluids on me. So far, I am un phased. I am sure you will be able to gross me out at some point and I am kind of looking forward to the challenge.

Over all, the month has gone faster than I expected and I am sure the time will continue to fly as the holiday's pass and the tax season begins. I told your Papa this morning I was writing the 6 month newsletter and we both had a moment of silence for the impending craziness that will ensue. I continue to be so grateful that you have a wild and crazy community of people to come out and join...all of whom are as excited to meet you and be in relationship with you as your Papa and I are. They are a continued solace during the times when it all seems like it's moving too fast. Thankfully, we both know that there is still a bit more cooking time ahead for you...and gestational time for both of us to be able to work through the wispy spiderwebs that cloud our brains. Not to worry, we'll get it figured out before you move out...or we won't but either way it's going to fun for all of us to be able to figure it out together.


Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Baby Sign language

Was doing a bit of research on Baby sign language classes yesterday and hit paydirt! This looks amazing! (We're super busy at work, can you tell?)

Portland Early Learning Center is one of many that offer classes in baby / toddler sign language. There are quite a few studies that indicate babies can understand what you are saying to them FAR earlier than they can articulate back to you. The development of the vocal cords and higher brain function that makes active language possible is a bit behind the passive understanding.

So! In order to facilitate kiddo being able to tell you what he/she wants or needs earlier than speaking, you teach 'em simple sign language! Genius! It's amazing how early you can start in with infant sign language that sets a good foundation for toddler comprehension.

We had a 2 yr. old in the office a month or so ago with his parents who were waiting to meet with a partner and the tyke starts to get a bit fussy. As I was walking downstairs the Mama asks kiddo "what do you want? Water? Outside? Snack?" and is doing signs for each of the items. ASTONISHINGLY, this little kid signs for snack and she hands over a bag of Cheerio's...end of tantrum. BANG! Just like that.

I was sold. Check out the link and if you are in Portland and want to join BP and I this time next year in class, let me know. I'll probably do some posting of a few of the simple signs so that others can learn them too...when the time comes. You can see a simple glossary of words at the Babies and Sign Language site.



KT and Tenant

Monday, December 8, 2008

Week 24


It cracks me up that they have photographic reference to fruits and vegetables available on Babycenter.

This week....(drum roll please)...CORN!

Hey, last week we were a mango. And we all know that mango's are *SO* last week.

For other exciting gestational news, see below...

How your baby's growing:
Your baby's growing steadily, having gained about 4 ounces since last week. That puts him at just over a pound. Since he's almost a foot long (picture an ear of corn), he cuts a pretty lean figure at this point, but his body is filling out proportionally and he'll soon start to plump up. His brain is also growing quickly now, and his taste buds are continuing to develop. His lungs are developing "branches" of the respiratory "tree" as well as cells that produce surfactant, a substance that will help his air sacs inflate once he hits the outside world. His skin is still thin and translucent, but that will start to change soon. week, rutabaga! Awesome!


KT and Tenant

Friday, December 5, 2008

BBdr visit #4

Yesterday was the obligatory monthly visit to the BBdr, whom we love. She had another ND sitting in with her getting continuing education credit and this woman has 1 year old twins, AND SHE'S STILL ALIVE. It was a hopeful moment.

All is going swimmingly, as predicted. Got my lab results from the half a gallon of blood she drew last visit and nothing was out of the ordinary. A little bit anemic (normal), a little bit low on Vitamin D (duh, it's Portland!). Brandon assured her that he would start stuffing me full of elk and make me take the new, snazzy Vitamin D supplement she gave me.

Did you know you don't even metabolize that stuff unless it's Vitamin D-3? Everyone check your vitamins, stat! I have the gal who can hook you up if you wanna call her!

The big news (in my world) was that I have finally broken the 200lb mark. 201.5 lbs is the current tonnage. 23 lbs! WOW! I feel sorry for those linebacker dudes who are like 300lbs and forced to run anywhere. I would keel over.

The belly is protruding and the heartbeat is a steady 140. Still quite trance inducing.

There has been lots of activity for the last several weeks in the belly and it's been kind of a trip to start feeling the Tenant moving the furniture around down there. The night before Thanksgiving BP and I were lying in bed reading and I had him put his hand on my belly and feel the baby! With a little pressure you can get a good handful of kicking! It was cute to see his eyes get all big.

"Dude, there is someone in there!"

Realization comes at different times and levels for all of us.

In other news, I have dodged all the illness cooties at work that have been plaguing the office the last 3 weeks (knock on wood) and feel stellar. The little girl kitty pulled up with a bad virus a couple of days ago and had a 106 fever (!) when we pulled into the Vet last night. 75ml of fluid under the skin, 2 droppers full of goldenseal / echinacia and a good nights sleep had her charging around the house a totally new animal this morning. Go go modern medicine!

So a productive medical day all around. We'll keep you posted as things come along!

KT and Tenant

Thursday, November 27, 2008

Happy Thanksgiving, ya'll!

We're headed up to Seattle to see the Good Rev and Family this morning and will be back on Saturday. We have 3 pies purchased from the kicking little coffee shop down the street from my work (the Bipartisan Cafe, in case you want a lovely experience and great pie).

We are also bringing some Elk roast and smoked whitefish (BP has been busy! Check out his crazy doings on his blog).

Have safe travels where ever your day may take you. I appreciate all of you and your support. Happy Thanksgiving!


Kt and Tenant

Monday, November 24, 2008


Updated the "How to buy things for the Baby" section to include a custom designed BabyHawk carrier and some cute little leggings! (note...not real photo of either Brandon or baby!)

Not the most user friendly baby registry in the world, but maybe that's because they are so punk rock! Yar!

Anyway, to get to the registry click the link in the sidebar, then input either MY NAME (no hyphenated last name) or the (toofreakinglong) registry number they assigned me.

Registry number: BK408873E0

Good luck!


KT and Tenant

And the beat goes on...

It was a fun filled weekend of domestic camaraderie with T., BP and myself all headed to the Oregon Humane Society on Saturday morning and finding a couple of frisky little hairballs to come home with us. If you haven't seen the photos, BP has some of them up on his blog The Institute of Jurassic Technology. They have been in quarantine for the last 48 hours and both of them are about fed up with not being able to get out of the office.

The whole "paw under the door and meow a lot" routine is going to get them some adventure time in the red room and living room tonight when I can be home to supervise.

As I was being duly chastised and simultaneously loved-up this morning with 2 of these people on my lap, I was instantly struck by the gratitude that I am not having twins. My they were a handful! And I didn't have enough hands to go around. Not to mention there is this nagging little voice in the back of my head wondering about whether they are getting equal time, treatment, love? Is Sula, the 17 yr old battle axe who's been with me thick and thin and who's going to be pissed, getting enough attention?

It's exhausting.

I'm also glad that we didn't wait to get the kittens. They would have gotten zero attention if they would have come later on during prime baby time. This way I think they have a chance to settle in before we disrupt the calm, serene household with lots of different smells and sounds.

On a totally unrelated note, I am looking forward to going up to Seattle for Thanksgiving to see the Good Reverend, his wife and the 6 kiddos. It's been almost a year since we've physically been up there and that is WAY way too long.

Gwyndolyn (2nd oldest) informed BP on the phone last night that she like cherry or apple pie and that we were to bring one or both of those when we came up. Non-plussed about the time and distance. That's what I like. Staunch little scuppers.

I'll bring the camera up and get some chittlin' photos (perhaps with the belly for C the G).

Hopefully a little travel with shake off the last couple of days of emotional funk I've been experiencing. Perhaps a loose hormone got into some place it shouldn't be or the darkness has settled in on the psyche but I've been a bit morose.

I am sure that cherry pie is the answer. At least a slice of cherry pie with my favorite kids should do the trick!


KT and Tenant

Thursday, November 20, 2008


Rebecca over at Girl's Gone Child wrote a very interesting article on co-sleeping and why they didn't do it with their first and why they do with their second.

The Good Reverend's Family (our Rorschach test for parenting) are big co-sleepers. We've watched the family grown from 1 baby in the bed to 6 kids in the house in multiple beds on any given night. It has been awesome to see how organically the kids come to a point where they don't want to sleep in the "big bed" any longer.

All of these kids are extremely well adjusted, articulate, smart, creative. None exhibit signs of the horror stories I have heard with kids whining about not being able to sleep with their parents when they are 8 years old or kids who have separation anxiety in spades.

Overall, my impression of co-sleeping is favorable and, frankly, something I am looking forward to.

And yet, it's another thing to have discussions with the Husband about and to come to a joint decision about when (or what age) might be appropriate to have the Tenant sleeping sans Parental units.

I must admit, I am glad there are these "Mommy blogs" out there for us up and coming parents because I am not sure where I would be asked to think about or take part in discussions about robust parenting issues issues I have never even thought of (like working mom guilt, post childbirth sex, co-sleeping and diaper preferences). Unless you have scads of folks in your community you are accessible to that have kids, these are questions that don't get asked or answered without some digging. Not everyone is comfortable discussing myriad issues like these either.

I know co-sleeping used to be more common and is making a comeback (at least here on the Left Coast). It's seems reasonable to consider it at least for the breastfeeding portion of this marathon event. We'll see if the Tenant is into it or if their Aries tendencies demand a wing of the house be built specifically to house them.


KT and Tenant

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Lions and Tigers and Baby Showers, Oh My!

I was approached this weekend by a dear friend of mine from my Spiritual community about the impending baby shower. Oh, was it impending? Well, apparently according to her, yepper...let's get it booked and thrown!

I have to admit that I hadn't given much thought to having a baby shower since there are still vast aspects of the BABY I haven't given much thought to. Suffice it to say, I am game, but was a little non-committal in the moment. I will chalk that up to having left my Crackberry (i.e. portable brain) at home inadvertently last weekend.

In thinking about a baby shower, I harken back to baby showers I have attended where we ate gross things, did stupid games and generally were just looking for an excuse to consume as much spiked punch as possible while making ourselves sick on onion dip and veggies. Not that much fun really. And during most of the showers I have gone to the child was totally irrelevant. So, when faced with the daunting task of having to organize my own, I shuddered.

Enter, my saviors, Xena Warrior Tick princess and K, both amazing strong and fearless women from my community who have willingly placed themselves in the face of oncoming indescribable danger called "A BABY SHOWER". /shudder.

THEN, of all things, Father Paul, my newly ordained Jesuit priest friend, offered to host it. (!!) Now, this is going to be a party folks! Not only will there be a meeting of most (if not all ) of my eclectic (and potentially heathen) circles of friends but it could be lousy with Catholic priests! Yahooo!!!

So, in the interest of assisting my pals, I am looking for suggestions for meaningful activities that can take up the baby shower time. Meaningful, in that, they would be easy for anyone to participate in without fear or trepidation AND might even involve or reference the baby. Novel I know.

I have to admit that despite my rowdy exterior, I am not really someone who likes to take the spot light and be the center of attention. Nor do I want to participate in anything where there is even a whiff of a roast, hazing or embarrassment. Call me crazy but I will gladly stage manage any event of any size but put me in the spotlight and I am *really* uncomfortable.

So, I am taking suggestions for how to honor or include or focus on the BABY at this baby shower, not the mama.

Feel free, however, to carry BP around in a chair (Ala the scene in Yentl) and shove spiked punch down his gullet.

Lay them on me! Suggestions for activities, foods (adult), beverages, ways to get the multi-cultural crowd mingling and involved, etc.

If you are out of town and interested in attending make sure to let me know so I can get addresses for invitations. The information will also be posted here. Everyone (boys and girls, dogs, cats, babies, chickens,) are welcome! This baby is going to have a diverse community to support it, we might as well party a bit together before the Tenant arrives.

I will say, one of the baby blogs I follow has a mama who is due any day with her 4th (!!), and she just posted this awesome photo this morning...I might have to do this.

How awesome is that?


KT and Tenant

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Week 21

Your baby now weighs about three-quarters of a pound and is approximately 10 1/2 inches long — the length of a carrot. You may soon feel like she's practicing martial arts as her initial fluttering movements turn into full-fledged kicks and nudges. You may also discover a pattern to her activity as you get to know her better. In other developments, your baby's eyebrows and lids are present now, and if you're having a girl, her vagina has begun to form as well.

There is the official party information going on in the lower apartment this week, via

There has been some more pronounced movement in the last few days and I suspect it's just a matter of time before I start seeing a knee or elbow poking up in the belly region.

Still feeling pretty good. We have 3 weeks to the next BBdr visit for check out, but I sense that all is as it should be. Now off to research diapers!


Kt and Tenant

Monday, November 17, 2008

Automatic baby walker

You know, I own a Dewault cordless -- in fact, I have a few...


Friday, November 14, 2008

High Chairs and kid tables are wacky!

So I was perusing the Internet the other day and lo and behold, I think to myself, "Self, you might need a high chair in the near-ish future. Let's go take a look-see".

DANG! High chairs have gotten all high tech from my days of babysitting and general kid wrangling. I have no idea what kind of degree you need to get to work these gadgets but it must be expensive to acquire.

I have to give it to the Swedes, they are an inventive bunch. the model on the right is my favorite of the myriad of chairs I looked at, mostly because it can be used as a chair for a table as the child grows.

AND it looks like a combination of a spaceship and a torture device all rolled into one.

The reality of the situation is, in this household, we don't eat at a table. Ever. We are dedicated living room floor sitters and I suspect that what is going to happen will be a purchase of a low child size table and chairs that eating and crafts can be performed on. The Good Reverend's family used this technique for most of the 6 kids they have, resorting to some sort of booster / highchair idea only in the last couple of years.

Like this's cute. I hate to admit my like of such a obviously child directed item, but dang, it's cute.

And the little chairs just kill me. KILL ME!

If anyone knows me well, they know I have a soft spot in my heart for wooden chairs. I don't know what it is about them but I think they are classy.

The idea of little kids in wooden chairs is JUST about as good as little kid toes, which are arguably the BEST part of little kids. Hands's the toes.

There we have a pretty anti-deep thought post regarding what's been filling my brain the last couple of days.

Well...that and rocking chairs. That will be my next great research project. OH, and diaper covers. Since we are committing to cloth diapers, getting the correct diaper snuggy to cover that diaper is apparently, pretty important. We'll see how I do.

I'll put a link up in the Alternative registry when I do in case anyone has a burning desire to purchase said diaper covers.

Any suggestions from the crowd? Has anyone gone the cloth diaper route and has a diaper cover they would suggest? Gotta keep that cute little tush covered somehow!


Kt and Tenant

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Baby Names

Here's the deal with our naming of the baby. Ideally, we want to find 6 or so names for each gender that we really like before the baby comes. Then, when we meet this person, we can pick from that list.

In the sidebar, you can see the current list that we're knocking around. Those lists are going to change often, so it's worth checking back on them if you are interested in this process.

Feel free to suggest names, and give reasons/stories why you like that particular name too. We're very interested, and folks may be surprised what catches our fancy.

Thanks for your kind attentions,


Ps/Addendum: I'll cop to some attachments I hold in the name department. I love Viggo, for some reason. I also really love the idea of using Paul for the middle name of a girl. I just think it would rock -- and some of those names would be especially good paired with it (Bellis Paul, Vivian Paul -- rocking).

Why "The Tenant Sea" name?

When I decided I needed to make a blog to cover the exploits of this pregnancy (and potentially beyond), the biggest issue became what to name the silly thing.

Since I follow a few "Mommy blogs" (as they are distastefully called), I have been exposed to quite a few catchy names. Thinking one up for myself, however, was quite the challenge. It couldn't be named something cutesy or too obtuse, and I just can't really stomach the word "mommy" (or daddy for that matter) so that was out. Eventually, I fell back on BP and my weird sense of humor for salvation.

When first pregnant and not telling anyone about it, "the Tenant" became code for "the baby". Since we have a roommate, it was convenient to discussion issues the Tenant might have and just let folks come to their own conclusions. I got the whole idea of tenancy from some pseudo-authoritative "this is what your baby looks like at 4 weeks" website where the baby was referred to as "your precious little tenant", which I thought was hilarious.

Why, do you say, would I think it was hilarious? Well, years earlier the Onion ran a little piece entitled "Woman Overjoyed By Giant Uterine Parasite" which we all thought was hilarious. So, inadvertently the first nickname for the Tenant was, um...uterine parasite. Not something you want to be explaining to your kids years in the future when sensitive egos may be at stake.

Suffice it to say, the Tenant nickname stuck.

So when it came to thinking a blog name up, my brain immediately incorporated the words "the Tenant" and then started searching for closure.

I remembered back a few years to a story dear friends of ours in Seattle relayed to us. They were on kid 4 of 6 at the time (!) and the children were being informed of the baby in Mama's belly. Papa (the Good Reverend, as he is known) described him as floating in vat like the superhero Aquaman. This was misheard by the 5 year old as "Tacoman" and the 4th child was nicknamed that until delivery.

With that story rattling around in my head, I thought..."well, I'm kind of like the pool attached to apartment complex the Tenant resides in (the lower apartment of course), so...with some sort of demented pregnancy became The Tenant Sea.

Poof! There you go! Clear as mud I am sure.


Kt and Tenant

Monday, November 10, 2008

How to buy things for the baby: Tutorial

My lovely husband brought it to my attention that the alternative registry feature that I have created in lieu (for now) of a baby shower is a tad bit confusing. Here's my best attempt to make it more understandable.

So if you click on the link to the Registry (in the upper left hand corner of the blog) you will get to the homepage. FEAR NOT! This is just one step towards your journey!

Next, navigate over to the right hand side of the screen under the FIND function. If you put in our last name (NOTE: not the hyphenated last name, just BP's) into the name box it will direct you to the Baby shower registry I set up.

The name of the Registry is TEAM OUR LAST NAME(/nod to C the G). If you hit VIEW, you will get a list of the things I have added to the registry as things we would be interested in. They are NOT in any particular order of significance or importance and I am not finished adding items.

Please read the paragraph description for the items as the WANT function is a bit limited to just number of items and doesn't allow for any text in that cell. I have tried to be specific as to what things on the webstite we'd be interested in. I provided a link to the site whenever possible. If something is broken please shoot me a email or call and let me know so I can fix it.

I have NO expectations that folks are going to buy things for the baby, but if you do choose to get a little sumptin' sumptin' for the tenant, please check and see if it's on the registry and if not, (or it's a big purchase we might need to discuss specifics for) just give us a call. I don't want to dissuade anyone from purchasing that cute little teeshirt or a book or two, but just remember we are mostly a no media house. So as much as you might love that Disney stuffed toy or the DVD of kids songs, we won't use 'em.

If you are searching around on your own, feel free to look at things that either the Waldorf school system or Montessori school system endorses. Almost all of those items are Tenant friendly!

AND, while often overlooked, practical things really really would help. Baby wipes, powders, lotions, glass baby bottles, diaper service, shoes of many sizes, receiving blankets, breast pads, gently used maternity wear (for the mama) are all things that might seem "less" important compared to that pair of baby socks (and way less cute) but they add up for us monetarily.

I would, however, be psyched if anyone wanted to set up a 529 college fund for junior...but give me a call if that is actually a reality for ya'll in this economic climate.

FYI for all you folks who HAVE a packet of kids already, we are MORE that happy to take your hand me down baby clothes for any age! They grow so fast there is no way these things are worn out. I would be happy to pay shipping postage for boxes of these things.

So there you have it! If you have any problems getting into the registry or figuring out what the heck I'm trying to say just let me know! Thank you in advance for all the support.


KT and the Tenant

Sunday, November 9, 2008

Month 5

Dear Tenant,

This week you are officially 5 months into your cooking process and the state of the world seems to be as busy changing as you are. Just last week we had a historic election where the first African American man was elected to President. Simultaneously, people in several different states decided it's still ok to be bigoted and declared that same sex marriage was illegal. /sigh. It's a crazy world you have decided to be born into. I have to think it's for many amazing reasons.

5 months in and 5 months to go. I have to say that while I am excited to meet you, this winner of the incarnation lottery, I am glad that you take some time getting here. At first you were just a foggy haze that I really didn't think was true but always have known was an answer to a series of prayers made years ago. Time, dreams and a burgeoning belly have brought you more into focus out of the aether's, yet you are still only a bit wiggly and not very present in the mix yet.

This month created little grainy black and white images that are sitting in front of me as I write to you. It was enthralling to see you looking up at me from the first moment the Ultrasound was turned on. I'll show you the photo when you come out to visit. One thrilled Ultrasound technician, nervous assistant and mildly shell shocked papa later, I left the clinic with more of a feeling that you were cooking in there and I needed to get ready for something.

Leading me to thinking a lot about the idea of gestation. Not only do I NEED you to take all the time you are going to take in the downstairs apartment but I have realized that it's healthy to have time to allow all good things to come to pass when they should. I get a bit impatient and stubborn when I think I know what needs to be happening or what is good for me, but then get something totally different. Inevitably, all these things lead me, in due time, to exactly where I need to be. You and your papa and this house and my life being no exception.

So despite the surrounding swirl of chaos in the world today; the nutzo economy we have earned over the past 2 decades, the wars, the politicking, the illness and destruction, there are so many good and solid and hopeful reasons for you to be in this world. And your papa and I are looking forward to showing you as many as we can while you show us a few tricks of your own.

As a word of caution, grow that funny bone big and'll need it out here, I assure you.



(With great respect for the plagiarizing of Dooce's monthly newsletters to her daughter)

Saturday, November 8, 2008


I have never really been a picky eater, but just a word of warning for anyone that has joint inflammation or happens to be pregnant....they are going to force this stuff on you.

And I am here to tell you it's NASTY!

So, just be warned, the "lemon" flavor is all well and good for going down but when the COL burps (as well like to call them) get rolling 15 minutes later, there will be no lemon and all cod liver in the result.

Apparently it's good for tons of stuff, like Oh....making brains and padding joints, but it's terrible. Truly.

So, if this is the most suffering I have to endure during the pregnancy, I'll take it! Thus far, it's been smooth sailing and I intend to keep it that way.

AND to keep taking the tablespoon of vileness every morning...that I remember.


KT and Tenant

Friday, November 7, 2008

A little too little, a little too late

Bp here,

I posted this over at my blog, but it's a genuine belly picture so I thought I'd better put it up here as well. This is around the end of the first trimester/beginning of the 2nd trimester. Click on the image to read the envelope (and thus understand the title of this post) for some humor.

Ps/Addendum: The first thing The Wife noticed about the picture was the REDACTION of our address. Just a note on that -- this is a public blog so we still will be a bit dodgy about personal information since any intarweb-trolling mouth breather can get to this site. Nothing personal folks, we know at this point all of you are family. Head of Site Security, out.

BBdr Visit #3

Yesterday was BBdr visit number 3 and Team Landis is still going strong in the development and heart rate arenas.

A word about midwives/ND's.

I have chosen to have a home birth of the Tenant, so the obvious choice is to get a Midwife for the job. My old gynecologist of 10 years was thrilled when I told her I was pregnant and in the same breath stated she's not delivering babies any longer. Hrumph!

The hunt began!

She gave me a couple of numbers and I called the first only to be pleasantly surprised to have a 30 minute conversation with a very grounded woman (who would still laugh at my jokes, which IS a requirement).

After a free (/boggle) hour and a half initial consultation BP and I decided this was the one without even having a discussion. Hugs ensued.

So if your in the baby making business and live in Portland, Oregon I can't say nice enough things about Dr. Sara Ohgushi.

Back to the details.

So we are actually at 19.1 weeks (I am terrible with math) and the uterus has achieved orbit at the top of the navel. Expansion GO! Apparently the next months are all about upward and onward in the BIGGER arena. So if you are wondering if I look like some sort of pregnant lady yet, I do. (Yeah Yeah pictures...I'll get there. Can't we just all applaud me for the hyperlink above?!?)

The heart rate is a perfectly trance inducing 140 bpm and is always fascinating. If you get the chance to hear a baby in utero, do it. It's wild!

And overall, though she drew a gallon of blood for the "prenatal suite of lab tests" (that weirdly included an HIV test...good things to know I guess) it was an uneventful and successful visit. Just like I like them. We'll be back on December 4th for Visit number 4.

We informed the midwife that she would be having her picture taken with me next visit for the blog, so photos ARE in the works...I just have to figure out the digital camera / blogger connection and make it happen.


KT and Tenant

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Unintended benefits of an Obama Presidency

So I spent the evening watching election results with a gaggle of roundy 20 somethings, one of which is my very cool co-worker, The Garb. We were over at his place watching it all unfold, talking smack about ballet measures and proposition 8 and generally having a good time.

Apparently a favored drinking game throughout the race was taking a slug everytime McCain used the phrase "My friends" in a sentence. The fine tradition had begun during the debates and was upheld last night during his concession speech and, my goodness, those boys were into 9 drinks in that 10 minutes alone. I am sure that no one felt disenfranchised.

Towards the end of (my) evening, I had a very interesting discussion with a mid 20's Latino gent who had just fielded a call from his very upset father (Obama is a Socialist, ya'll....watchout) and was well into his third Red Stripe. Strikingly, here this guy was talking about his friends children who are approximately the same ages as Obama's children. His eyes misted over a bit when he made mention of the fact that this is a historic election not only for all the OTHER reasons it's historic, but because those children would grow up in a world where having an African American president ISN'T an anomoly. Their lives in politics will always have that barrier broken, like my life will always have the Berlin wall falling and my parents lives will always have the end of World War II.

I felt moved in an unexpected way.

There has been much talk of a revival of "hope" or "pride" in being an American, which I can't say I have ever felt. But standing there, steading a slightly swaying, euphoric Latino boy who is a generation younger than I am, I felt like the an unnamed and unsettled cloud of impending doom I have always felt with regard to this country had be slightly lifted.

Yesterday was exactly (mathmatically) halfway through my pregnancy (20 weeks) and felt like a turning point.

It seems like, for just the merest whispers of a second, that bringing a child into this world, at this time, wasn't such a terrible thing after all.

Thursday, October 30, 2008

Week 18 and the Ultrasound

Well, I'm pregnant! HAHAHAHoooheeheehehe....

Apparently, Team Landis is well equiped to create a fully functioning tiny life form. We are certified free of Down's Syndrome, Clef lip and whatever that brain disease is that starts with an E(Ensepholitus or something). We have 2 hands and feet, the cutest little ass and quite the spine.We have a mystery on our hands as to the gender (tho we kept it thatway). Papa Landis thought he glimpsed a little weener but I am still in the girl camp. Regardless it's going to be a suprise whether we know or not!We have a reasonable sized head and all the veins and arteries we need (3 total) in the umbical cord to do what needs to be done. In short, while the child still looks remarkably like Skellator fromHe-Man comics, it's perfect.

And getting bigger.

That's all for now. BBdr visit number 3 is November 6th! I'll update you all later.

Kt and tenant