Monday, November 24, 2008


Updated the "How to buy things for the Baby" section to include a custom designed BabyHawk carrier and some cute little leggings! (note...not real photo of either Brandon or baby!)

Not the most user friendly baby registry in the world, but maybe that's because they are so punk rock! Yar!

Anyway, to get to the registry click the link in the sidebar, then input either MY NAME (no hyphenated last name) or the (toofreakinglong) registry number they assigned me.

Registry number: BK408873E0

Good luck!


KT and Tenant

1 comment:

Catherine Just said...

cool leggings. I'm going to get some for ME!
Ok and the little dude can have some too.
It's all about the fashion.

It's fun to see what things you find online for the little tenant. Helps me too!