Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Why "The Tenant Sea" name?

When I decided I needed to make a blog to cover the exploits of this pregnancy (and potentially beyond), the biggest issue became what to name the silly thing.

Since I follow a few "Mommy blogs" (as they are distastefully called), I have been exposed to quite a few catchy names. Thinking one up for myself, however, was quite the challenge. It couldn't be named something cutesy or too obtuse, and I just can't really stomach the word "mommy" (or daddy for that matter) so that was out. Eventually, I fell back on BP and my weird sense of humor for salvation.

When first pregnant and not telling anyone about it, "the Tenant" became code for "the baby". Since we have a roommate, it was convenient to discussion issues the Tenant might have and just let folks come to their own conclusions. I got the whole idea of tenancy from some pseudo-authoritative "this is what your baby looks like at 4 weeks" website where the baby was referred to as "your precious little tenant", which I thought was hilarious.

Why, do you say, would I think it was hilarious? Well, years earlier the Onion ran a little piece entitled "Woman Overjoyed By Giant Uterine Parasite" which we all thought was hilarious. So, inadvertently the first nickname for the Tenant was, um...uterine parasite. Not something you want to be explaining to your kids years in the future when sensitive egos may be at stake.

Suffice it to say, the Tenant nickname stuck.

So when it came to thinking a blog name up, my brain immediately incorporated the words "the Tenant" and then started searching for closure.

I remembered back a few years to a story dear friends of ours in Seattle relayed to us. They were on kid 4 of 6 at the time (!) and the children were being informed of the baby in Mama's belly. Papa (the Good Reverend, as he is known) described him as floating in vat like the superhero Aquaman. This was misheard by the 5 year old as "Tacoman" and the 4th child was nicknamed that until delivery.

With that story rattling around in my head, I thought..."well, I'm kind of like the pool attached to apartment complex the Tenant resides in (the lower apartment of course), so...with some sort of demented pregnancy leap...it became The Tenant Sea.

Poof! There you go! Clear as mud I am sure.


Kt and Tenant

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Nana-Povi said...

And here I thought it was a collection of reflections on said 'tenant' from the point of view of it's liquid surroundings....once again, the story is much better than the 'obvious' -- ! kisses!