Friday, November 7, 2008

A little too little, a little too late

Bp here,

I posted this over at my blog, but it's a genuine belly picture so I thought I'd better put it up here as well. This is around the end of the first trimester/beginning of the 2nd trimester. Click on the image to read the envelope (and thus understand the title of this post) for some humor.

Ps/Addendum: The first thing The Wife noticed about the picture was the REDACTION of our address. Just a note on that -- this is a public blog so we still will be a bit dodgy about personal information since any intarweb-trolling mouth breather can get to this site. Nothing personal folks, we know at this point all of you are family. Head of Site Security, out.

1 comment:

Catherine Just said...

oh ! It's a belly! love that.