Thursday, October 15, 2009

Grandma Shirley Vivian Pictures, Oct. 12th

Holy crap it's been a month since we last posted here. Sorry folks, we're working on it honest. We're a patch cord away from being up with our new (graciously gifted -- thanks Mr. Pitts!) camera.

Grandma Shirley is visiting right now, and came bearing gifts. I'll get right to the pictures:

10/12/09 Viv in her chair

Vivian loves this chair. It came graciously via our neighbors, and is called a Prince Lionheart Bebe Pod. She loves the ability to sit up and be on her own. It holds her in wonderfully well, and is supposed to be really good for her muscular and neuro development. She also likes drumming on the little foam pad-thing in the middle. It's been great.

10/12/09 Viv's Toy Chest

Grandma Shirley, my sister Tammy and step-dad RJ all worked on this toy chest for Vivian. Mom delivered it on this trip. It's customized with not only snazzy paint and murals, but has a pinch-proof gap cut into the front and a nice hinge that will keep it from slamming up or down. It's going to be a real treasure.

10/12/09 Viv's toy chest - side bee

10/12/09 Viv's toy chest - side

10/12/09 Viv and Boris1

Mom got these pictures of Vivian and Boris sharing a cubey toy. Boris is going to be "that cat" for Vivian, I suspect. I predict being dragged around unceremoniously, and playing dress-up in his future.

10/12/09 Viv and Boris2

10/12/09 Viv and Boris3

10/12/09 Viv and Boris4

There ya go people, sorry to starve out the Vivian Fan Club for a full month, we'll endeavor to do better in the future,