Sunday, May 31, 2009

It's Hot ya'll

Whew! It's hot! Hot baby, hot papa, hot mama. It's pushing 11 pm here and it's just now starting to cool off. The passive cooling we use to keep the house temperature down is working but not as energy using as just having a darned air conditioner. I really didn't think we needed one until the baby came along. Keeping that kid cool is a full time job!

She's been nursing on 45 minute increments and then sleeping most all day. A pretty human way to deal with the heat. I have been way up on the water consumption, given my recent drive by with mastitis (which I kicked! Thank you BBdr!) I am pretty paranoid about getting dehydrated. Let me tell you Intartube audience, when your boobs hurt your whole day is pretty much shot! Not to mention your attention is GALVANIZED! Whoooo lordy!

SO...needless to's hot!

On to the photo documentation!


Here's Papa after a hard day doing his work building a curriculum for young men kicking back with his favorite hot babe. Notice the subtle mama coordination of the pink bobby, pink diaper cover and the red yoga ball. Kickin!

You gotta love this girl's style. Work that arm Viv!

Enjoy the Mama finally getting back to posting on the blog!


Thursday, May 28, 2009

Grandpa Ward's visit

Many thanks to Ward and his main squeeze Martha for such a nice visit. Ward came in to town first, and had a few days with the famdamily. He did some baby holding, and helped out with an important project -- installing blackout shades in the bottom floor. Hooo boy are those nice, not only for soothing dark rooms for the bebeh, but to keep the heat down as well.

Martha was very sly about not being photographed, which we didn't notice until the visit was over, darnitall. I will ply Grandpa to see if he's got some pictures we could share later on.

On to the pics:

5/17/09 Ward and the Bebeh

Ward in his Sunday-go-to-meetin' clothes, holding the bebeh in the beginning of the trip, right after his arrival from the airport.

5/17/09 The Queen's Tea

Grandpa Ward, being the consummate Trooper that he is, came with us when we went out to Hillboro to a friend's house for tea and snacks to honor The Queen's birthday. Canukistanis are always just looking for an excuse for a party, really.

5/19/09 Ward comforting the Bebeh

Grandpa Ward did some good walking-around-and-comforting while he was here to help out with Kt and I needing hands at points during the trip.

5/19/09 Lunch with Bebeh and Kombucha

We all took a walk down to the local cafe (Kt and Ward were on some serious reconnoitering regarding all the pie within walking distance of the house), and Ward bought us a nice lunch. Here I am with the bebeh strapped on with the Baby Hawk carrier, and toasting with my Kombucha. Neither Ward nor The Wife like the stuff but I crave it.

5/19/09 Ward and The Wife

Here is Grandpa and The wife at the little lunch place we walked to. He's oozing with pride, look at that face.

5/19/09 More Grandpa Ward with the Bebeh

Some good gazing time with the Bebeh and Grandpa Ward.

5/20/09 Grandpa and the Bebeh gazing

More gazing time with Grandpa Ward. Good stuff. (that blue behind him is a shade lighter than the one we're actually going to use in that room, btw).

Enjoy visits from the Patriarchs,


Friday, May 22, 2009

Baby First: Bottle feeding

I was inspired to start digging out "baby firsts" from this blog and my memory by Stephanie today at Kt's work. She mentioned that her daughter recently found a "baby's first year" journal at a store, and immediately started grilling her about her first tooth, and trip to the park, and car ride, and visitor.

And, we haven't started one of these journals yet.

SO -- there is a new category of post that will enter this online journal, the Baby First. Text-only, a brief description of firsts as they happen.

Today: First bottle feeding. Viv kinda looked at me like I was crazy when I first introduced the bottle, then I hummed and rocked her back and forth and wiggled the nipple in her mouth a bit and she latched and fed. But after a little bit, she kinda spit the nipple back out and gave me a look like "what the hell is this all about anyway?"

Also, Katye's first day back at work. She went in to do some book keeping for one of her clients. Our strategy: feed the baby like crazy, get her asleep, then she and I lay down for a nap and Kt goes to work. When the bebeh wakes and isn't yet fully with it, I bottle feed her a bit, and we hang out around the house. Feed as necessary. Then, when she begins to fuss, get the Baby Hawk sling on, suit up with the diaper bag, and walk to Kt's work. With the bebeh, that takes about 40 minutes one way.

She yelled and screamed when I put her in the sling, but within the first 1/2 block of walking, she calmed down and started dozing off. Within 3 blocks she was out like a light.

Bravo, Little Viv, Bravo.

She fed at the office, got a diaper change, socialized a bit and then into the car seat and home. On a day when I wasn't still breaking in a new pair of shoes, I will attempt a walk back home and leaving Kt at work for another few hours. But this is the first trip, so we consider it a raging success.

She's still a little thing, so lots of Mama time is in order.

Enjoy being reminded of the things that will at a much later date be good to have,


Attack of the Redwind Aunties

5/16/09 Attack of the Aunties 1

This is one in a series of shots taken as we were attempting to leave a Redwind gathering with Ms. Vivian. The Aunties came in for some last minute kisses, and this blurry action shots are all we could pull off in the initial heat of the moment.

5/16/09 Attack of the Aunties 2

Another action shot on the porch of the community yurt at Redwind.

5/16/09 Attack of the Aunties 3

Auntie Heidi and a blurry Alethea at the now-infamous Redwind kiss massacre.

5/16/09 Attack of the Aunties 4

Same picture, with flash. Makes us look like we're in a Nuclear Winter.

A slew of Daddy/Bebeh pictures

We had a few Daddy pictures come up all at once, so I thought I'd put them all into the same post.

5/10/09 Dad and Bebeh waking up

Kt made the observation that sitting in this chair, staring out the window, is the way that both Viv and I seem to enjoy waking up. After a bit of staring, then maybe some tea (and mama milk) -- but first some good old-fashioned zoning out must occur.

5/15/09 Daddyblogging For The Win

The old bebeh in the knee maneuver has become a favorite of mine as of late. Allows for a small amount of multi-tasking. This isn't my only blog, after all.

5/15/09 Boppy-as-travel-pillow

I've never claimed to have a small noggin. In fact, I shopped for hats just today at a local haberdashery, and my selection was quite limited due to the size of my cranium.

It was late, the baby was fussy so I was holding her -- she would only sleep on someone. So, I got her secured, then got the boppy on and zonked out with her. Yes, they're made to go around the waist of a nursing mother, but if it works it works.

Liberace and The Cat

Here are some older pictures that I found on the camera that I had almost missed.

5/9/09 The Liberace pose

Katye calls this Vivian's "Liberace Pose" -- and says DUM DUM DUM DUMMMMM whenever she sees this picture. You may or may not be struck by the same impulse.

5/9/09 Sula contemplates the usurper

The cats haven't had much interaction with the Bebeh. Sula just stares at us with this "why have you done this" kind of look occasionally, and walks off with a little "harumph." Here, she seems to be genuinely contemplating the new monkey.

Thursday, May 21, 2009

The Bebeh and the Sikh

Here are some photos and comments from Viv's first visit to the Chiropractor -- the lovely and talented Dr. Khalsa.

On to the photos:

5/15/09 Bebeh's first Chiropractic visit

Here's Ms. Viv (in another "rocking Dad outfit" -- hey stripes go with stripes sheesh) and Dr. Khalsa, our beloved Chiropractor. On a whim (or an intuition, or a hunch) I told Kt she should get an adjustment. Her back had been killing her for a while anyway. We took the bebeh to have Khalsa possibly do an adjustment for her too.

5/15/09 Khalsa and the Bebeh

Viv did get an adjustment while we were at the Chiro. She had a rib out -- Dr. Khalsa took my finger and showed me what it felt like, comparing a correct rib and the one that was out. I, to be honest, don't know that I could have told the difference. This is why we have experts in our lives. His adjustment was so quick she kind of squeaked and then it was over. I was holding her and didn't even notice it. The Wife and I both think it's going to be a good plan to get the Bebeh both Chiro and Craniosacral as she gets older to keep her straight and healthy.

5/15/09 Viv giving it to Dr. Khalsa

In the end, the beard couldn't win her over -- she was over-stimulated and let us all know this in no uncertain terms. It was a very successful visit, not just for Katye (who felt like a million bucks) but for the Bebeh.

This picture was pre-adjustment, she calmed down after a little work from Dr. Khalsa's skilled hands.

Newberg, Israel and the Bebeh

Can we catch up, can we? Can we get to present day photos by the weekend? We shall see.

Here is another set. Pictured below is our Super Hero friend Israel. It's a long series of stories to explain the whole Super Hero thing, for now just take my word for it:

5/13/09 Israel and Bebeh

We took a drive out to Newberg today, to visit Israel and Rachael. Rach is pictured here, at our house holding the bebeh. This is Israel in his native environs.

5/13/09 Israel and Bebeh1

Another Israel and Bebeh picture. Looks like she has her scrunchy-face on.

5/13/09 Israel and Bebeh2

More Israel and Scrunchy-faced bebeh

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Crystals and Dolphins and Bebehs, Oh My.

I'll go straight to the pictures:

5/2/09 Crystal and the Bebeh

Ms. Crystal came by the house to do some bebeh holding, always a welcome guest.

5/2/09 Crystal and conked-out bebeh

Great picture of two pretty ladies.

5/11/09 Dolphin holding baby

Ms. Collette a.k.a. Dolphin, came by and did some Craniosacral work on Katye, and of course to hold the Bebeh. Katye loved the work, and felt great after the session.

5/11/09 Sleeping bebeh

What more to say, two hand-made blankets (Mom and Gerda), and a cute-as-hell sleeping bebeh.

5/11/09 bebeh hands

Those are the hands of the bebeh, 'nuff said.

5/11/09 zonked-out bebeh

I find this picture hilarious -- soooo zonked out. So cute.

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Yogis and Yoginis visit the house

Oh, the steady tread of time -- we're reaching back again a few weeks to catch everyone up on the pictures. I endeavor to be caught up by the end of the week so we can keep this recent and relevant.

On to the pictures:

5/01/09 Jmichael caught in the act

Kt had to take a picture of Mr. Yoga when he was at our house warming up for some baby holding. (Sorry Jmichael, I had to post it, I'm under orders).

5/01/09 Jmichael and the bebeh

A rare sighting of the reclusive-yet-affable yoga teacher at The Crazy House. Amazing what having a newborn around will do.

5/01/09 Angie and the bebeh

Our lovely friend Angie came by today as well -- it was just a yoga-rific kinda day. The red of Vivian's face really sets off Angie's smile, don't ya think?

Enjoy quality friends rubbing elbows with your progeny,


Thursday, May 14, 2009

Going back in time -- trip up to Redwind, and placental burial

Let's get this narrative back in order here. We jumped around a bit to accommodate a Gram and Katye's excitement over the lovely and talented Miranda. But, the story should be set back on track.

On the 30th of April, The Bebeh, Wife and I went up to Redwind to have a little ceremony to bury the placenta under a tree. Here are the pictures from that day:

4/30/09 Mama and Viv

Figured a little "reality show" was in order here. Here is the beautiful-but-unconscious mama with the bebeh in early morning light. Kt was still in the downstairs bed at this point, healing up.

4/30/09 Viv and Babybling (or... what happens when fathers dress their newborn daughters)

Rock that outfit, Viv, rock it.

4/30/09 Viv and Nunpa

Uncle Nunpa holding the baby at Redwind Headquarters. She was a trooper that day, her first drive up to the mountain and back (about an hour each way). She did great.

4/30/09 Viv and Nunpa

Great face over Nunpa's shoulder. Why hello!

4/30/09 Penny and Viv

Auntie Penny met Viv for the first time today. Penny lives right up the road from Redwind, so it was a good opportunity for her to see the baby without a trip all the way to town.

4/30/09 Pear tree

So long ago we had decided that we'd like to bury the placenta up at Redwind under a tree. Pears are Katye's favorite fruit and, synchronistically enough, Damon wanted to put a pear tree into his orchard anyway. So here it is, a nice 5-in-1 pear with Asian, Bosch, Comice and two other varieties that I can't remember at the moment. You gotta love grafting.

4/30/09 Viv and BP and pear tree

Viv at her pear tree. Mama's pear tree as well, since under it is the placenta.

4/30/09 Viv's pear tree

If one picture at the pear tree is good, then two is better, no?

Enjoy the simple ceremonies in life,


Monday, May 11, 2009

The after-Mother's-day-Mother's-day-post

Mother's day was an especially eventful one in Ms. Vivian Paul's life. She took her first public transit ride, she saw her first orchid show, and she got to hang out with her super-duper uncle Damon.

And, for gratuitous awesomeness, we'll post the amazing plant Kt brought home from the show for her self-chosen Mother's day present.

On to the pictures:

5/10/09 First Max Ride!

Kt and the Bebeh on the Max platform waiting for the train to take her to the Orchid show.

5/10/09 Ist Max Ride

There we go, proof of the Bebeh's 1st max ride. You can see the name of our public transit right in the picture -- nice work Damon.

5/10/09 Orchid Show and BB

Kt in front of an impressive display of orchids at the Oregon Orchid Society's annual show. Conveniently held on Mother's day.

5/10/09 Checking out at Orchid Show

Kt checking out with the nice lady at the Orchid show. What she bought (see nearby pictures) is absolutely amazing.

5/10/09 Damon and BB

Uncle Damon finally photographed holding the bebeh. There is a special bond here, mark our words.

5/10/09 Damon and BBII

A great picture of Proud Uncle Damon with Ms. Viv. Yes, she did in fact get a good fistful of that beard. We're all very proud of her for that.

5/10/09 Carnivorous plant from Mother's Day

Nepenthes Miranda -- a complex hybridized Asiatic Cobra plant. It's carnivorous, vigorous with good light indoors, and beyond awesome. This is what my wife comes up with when sent to an Orchid show with some gift money. All on her own. She's amazing.

5/10/09 Carnivorous plant pitchers

Pitchers off the amazing N. Miranda Kt got at the show. This is where I want professional photographers, because honestly this is one of the coolest house plants I've ever seen, and our little snap and shoot (with amateurs behind the wheel) truly don't do it justice.

There ya go -- we have other pictures to catch the blog up to the present day -- but The Wife really wanted to get this one done. She's been soothing a tired bebeh nearby on the bed while I've been typing this up, as well as providing editorial review.

Enjoy friends, plants, and bebehs,


Sunday, May 10, 2009

Grandma sighting!

My mother was the first Grandma to visit Ms. Vivian. Officially, there are 3 Grandmas, and all are out of state. Grandma visits are going to be a big deal in Vivian's life, so we endeavor to record all of them for posterity.

Grandma Shirley stayed for a week, and had plenty of Vivian time every day she was here. We kept the itinerary light, so the focus was more on quality time with Bebeh and Mama. I was working a Playwrite, Inc. gig, so was out of the house during the day much of the visit. It was mostly a time for Kt and Grandma and The Peanut to hang out, take walks, share food and stories.

Here are a couple pictures, because as my intartube friends say "Pictures or it didn't happen!"

5/6/09 Grandma Shirley & Bebeh

Grandma Shirley was the first of the "grands" who got a chance to visit with Vivian. Here she is in the rocking chair with the bebeh.

5/6/09 Bebeh held by Grandma Shirley

Vivian is just beginning what the BBDR calls her "chin collection." We are looking forward to seeing how it progresses.

5/6/09 Grandma Shirley & Babycakes

Another picture of Grandma w/Bebeh. A nice day, a nice visit, a nice photo.

Enjoy honoring the mamas of the world,