Wednesday, December 31, 2008

BBdr visit: The New Years Eve edition

Back from the BBdr...stud midwife / ND Sara Ohgushi, (you can see a cute photo of her on the main page of her website)and she put the smack down on the sugar consumption! Get behind me lemon bars! My intake on the lemon bar population of Portland has been greatly outpacing the intake of the elk-in-the-freezer population as of late. BAD BAD!

Of course, she put the smack down on me in the sweet, kind, gentle way that she has by just HAPPENING to mention that the more sugar I eat now, the bigger the HEAD of the baby (and proportionately, the baby in general) would be when we have our little EXPERIENCE a bit later on in April.

GAH! Way to terrify a woman!

So...just say no to candy. I need to start a support group. Thankfully this medical intervention MAY come in time to stop me from giving birth to a Chocolate covered, marshmallow filled, lemon bar and perhaps give birth to a human child. Verdict is still out.

Either way, that little lemon bar can KICK! Doggies!

Everything still appears on the up and up. We've dipped into the 130 bpm heart rate realm and the extension of the belly is causing serious consideration of a few pairs of maternity pants. I'm making it to 7 months AT LEAST before plunking down some money for that, I assure you.

I'm sure the baby won't be born stubborn at all...(cough)

I had to drink the kool-aid today (see further the gestational diabetes test substance)and then donate a gallon of blood to the cause. Unlike last visit with lab work, the veins in the arm were way less cooperative and I think there might be some bruising from vein collapse. In any event, I would make a terrible intravenous drug user.

But fear not! The rest of the visit was dandy. We gifted the BBdr with some elk and I finally (month 6, hello) handed in my patient intake form. I was assured that no points would be deducted for lateness, whew!

Things are progressing lovely and I start seeing her every 3 weeks for January and February, then every WEEK in March until the baby comes (I'm still banking on April 10th).

It's really going to happen here folks...that many visits to the BBdr should begin to convince me. I think. I hope!

In other news...SAVE THE DATE for the baby shower which is going to be FEBRUARY 28th from 4-7pm. Invites are being created and will be going out in the next month or so. It's a co-ed event, sans silly baby shower games and mostly to sit around, eat pizza and drink beer and convince folks we really DO want cloth diaper service donations.

Same day as the Infant CPR class...look at how responsible we are being! LOADS of fun, I assure you.

That's all the news fit to print at this junction. I'm feeling great, BP is hanging in there and Tait and the cats still don't know what's going to hit them in April! KAPOW!

Happy New Year to all of you! I look forward to introducing you to a new little person in 2009.

KT and Tenant (aka: the lemon bar)


Catherine Just said...

glad you had a good visit with the midwife. I like her tactics of getting you off sugar. fear of huge baby to birth. ACK. I JUST started eating veggies again and now I feel even more interested in lettuce!
Just say no to lemons bars, choc chip cookies, peanut brittle, raspberry sorbet, choc chip ice cream, oh god....I need a 12 step program for pregnant girls who eat too much crap. I totally qualify.

Katye said...

Yeah it's going to be a brutal always is. I made it through tax season last year without any coffee OR candy, so I know I can do just SUCKED!

Big head = MASSIVE incentive however...she's a smart one.

Iciyapi Tate said...

WHAT, you are giving up the chance to have a GIANT HEADED alien baby. EAT SUGAR EAT SUGAR.
so you wont be bale to walk for awhile, how could you think of depriving me of a giant headed alien baby. some kind of adopted sister you are sheesh

Catherine Just said...

oh crap that reminds me that i have a DR appointment tomorrow morning....I wonder if I will get a slap on the hand as well....I'm heading to the kitchen now for more sugar!