Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Baby Sign language

Was doing a bit of research on Baby sign language classes yesterday and hit paydirt! This looks amazing! (We're super busy at work, can you tell?)

Portland Early Learning Center is one of many that offer classes in baby / toddler sign language. There are quite a few studies that indicate babies can understand what you are saying to them FAR earlier than they can articulate back to you. The development of the vocal cords and higher brain function that makes active language possible is a bit behind the passive understanding.

So! In order to facilitate kiddo being able to tell you what he/she wants or needs earlier than speaking, you teach 'em simple sign language! Genius! It's amazing how early you can start in with infant sign language that sets a good foundation for toddler comprehension.

We had a 2 yr. old in the office a month or so ago with his parents who were waiting to meet with a partner and the tyke starts to get a bit fussy. As I was walking downstairs the Mama asks kiddo "what do you want? Water? Outside? Snack?" and is doing signs for each of the items. ASTONISHINGLY, this little kid signs for snack and she hands over a bag of Cheerio's...end of tantrum. BANG! Just like that.

I was sold. Check out the link and if you are in Portland and want to join BP and I this time next year in class, let me know. I'll probably do some posting of a few of the simple signs so that others can learn them too...when the time comes. You can see a simple glossary of words at the Babies and Sign Language site.



KT and Tenant


Catherine Just said...

we are doing this too! We have a friend who did this and watching the baby sign to them was pretty darn amazing.

Kathy said...

I have experienced the "baby signing" many times thru my friend Calli and also thru random customers coming in the store...AMAZING it really is incredible how well they communicate their needs and wants once we give them the tools to help us understand! very very cool...

Bonita said...

I have been signing with my three children for over 9 years now. You are right, It is the best choice I ever made as a parent! Being able to meet their needs without tantrums has been wonderful (the kids didn't cry either- HAHA).

Wishing you all the best!
Bonita Broughton
Baby Signs, Inc.

Anonymous said...

There's a 'mind to mind' transmission that I found quite dependable when you three kids were growing up--with varying degrees of success. It worked best with momma to girl (you) intereactions, less so with the boys. That doesn't sound too remarkable, though, huh?

ps sometimes my computer won't let me write stuff so I read and write more than actually 'takes', for some reason... yo momma -- back to 'anonymous'

brittanielovessparky said...

Definitely the best way to communicate with your baby before they can speak. Good luck with your lessons and be sure to check out this site for video tutorials: http://www.mindbites.com/person/84-MySmartHands

The author is amazing and she has over 10 videos dedicated to teaching parents like you exactly how to make the signs and teach your baby.