Thursday, October 30, 2008

Week 18 and the Ultrasound

Well, I'm pregnant! HAHAHAHoooheeheehehe....

Apparently, Team Landis is well equiped to create a fully functioning tiny life form. We are certified free of Down's Syndrome, Clef lip and whatever that brain disease is that starts with an E(Ensepholitus or something). We have 2 hands and feet, the cutest little ass and quite the spine.We have a mystery on our hands as to the gender (tho we kept it thatway). Papa Landis thought he glimpsed a little weener but I am still in the girl camp. Regardless it's going to be a suprise whether we know or not!We have a reasonable sized head and all the veins and arteries we need (3 total) in the umbical cord to do what needs to be done. In short, while the child still looks remarkably like Skellator fromHe-Man comics, it's perfect.

And getting bigger.

That's all for now. BBdr visit number 3 is November 6th! I'll update you all later.

Kt and tenant

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