Monday, April 19, 2010

Grandma Shirley's pictures of Viv's 1st 1st birthday

It's the 1st 1st birthday because there will be a 2nd 1st birthday as well. One more for the next visiting Grandma. We figure, she doesn't know the exact date she was born yet, so no harm no foul -- we'll have the birthdays in the same month when family's in town.

On to the pictures, all taken by Grandma Shirley.

Birthday onsie from Grandma Shirley!

Amidst the presents, a very intent child.

Our girl having a good time.

A lovely photo of one of babycake's favorite activities, window gazing. Actually it is of two of her favorite activities, window gazing and stair climbing. I love the light and mood of this one.

Enjoy celebrating milestones,


Friday, April 16, 2010

Poopy pants on roof rack

I know, we've been severely remiss posting here. Facebook has been where a lot of bebeh posting action's happening. We'll fix that.

As for the picture: Yes, those are baby pants. Yes, that's a Subaru roof rack. Yes, that's electrical tape.

They were bad. Seriously. We got home safe.

Enjoy springtime,


Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Photos from beginning of February

Ok, we've had some gentle and not so gentle nudges from the Grandmas to get more visuals up on the site. Here we go.

Also, as unglamorous as it is, The Wife has set the time/date stamp on the phone to make sure that info is in the pictures. There is some small controversy about this, but photoshop in skilled hands can fix this easily.

Some photos from the beginning of February:

First, a picture of little miss "up on my knees." She loves to crawl up to things, pull up to her knees, then sit down like a good little tea ceremony participant and do whatever she came there to do. Normally, wreak havoc.

Katye found a tryptich of photos of a newly-crawling baby over at one of her favorite mommy blogs Girls Gone Child. Baby looks up at photographer, baby crawling away, baby's feet just make the last shot. She tried a few times, but could only get a dyptich due to Viv's speed and our camera's not-speed. Cute nonetheless.

The Crackberry is one of the most favored toys in the whole house. Keys are a pretty close second, but they don't blink and flash when you push on them. Unless the car is real close, then it can get super exciting.

And an interestingly different take on the same position:

Pensive? Tired? (a bit rheummy-eyed, could definitely be tired):

There we go Grandmas, a little Vitamin V for ya,


Sunday, January 10, 2010

Little girl is changing fast, keep up!

Again a slew of pictures from Auntie Kate. Apparently, little miss "I love electronics" is mobile enough now that when a camera is brought to her level she scoots right over there. Thus all the face close-ups. But it doesn't get much cuter than those types of pictures, so I'm not complaining.

Boris is pretty damned patient and interactive with the bebeh, I must say.

Finally some good "many moods of Vivian" pictures:

There ya go, more fodder for your screen savers ladies,


Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Tons of cuteness, more moving pictures

These were all taken yesterday by the sterling Canukistani Kate. Viv is still mugging for the camera, so Kate figured out that just turning the camera on would get her to crawl forward. Flashy lights = perfect bait.

I'm not holding back, you're getting all of them. Brace yourself for a cute apocalypse.

There ya go, enough Viv to last a while yet.

(Yes Povi, we will get photos up too, I know you need a re-up on your screen saver)


Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Kind-of crawling caught on tape, plus some waving

Hey, crawling and waving is big news. Here is the video I took earlier this morning especially for the Grandmas out there feeling the Holiday/Family confluence needs.

And the commentary off the flickr page:

Just trying to capture some of the early attempts and signs of crawling. I really believe we have little time left before she's scooting all over the house. Wanted to get this video shot and posted before she was full-tilt-boogie.

For the Grandmas, for X-mas.

Enjoy moving pictures on the holidays,


Thursday, December 10, 2009

Epic nap and book reading

Title says it all!

She's been getting into the little books we have for her lately. Last night I was reading Sheep in a Jeep to her (Thanks Auntie Kate!!) and she was turning the pages at the appropriate time. This was freaking out Brandon...kind of hilarious.

Pretty good read, I highly suggest it.

And then papa caught an epic nap on camera that was just too cute to not post.


There are more pictures on Flickr if you want to go and see!!

xxoo KT