Tuesday, June 30, 2009

New photos on Flickr!

Mom's getting artsy. We're off to Sundance for Wednesday night and Thursday. Will be home Thursday night after getting a blessing and seeing our peeps after the ceremony!

Then next week...SAC! The adventure never ceases!

Enjoy some rocking Viv photos!!


Stephanie at work rocking the babychat skillz!

Great smiles with Nana!

Nana likes Tummy time way more than Viv does...ahah!!

Viv snoozing the night we were at Breightenbush.

Monday, June 29, 2009

Video: Talking up a storm

This was on the 27th of June, cute as hell. Viv is working the vowels, apparently.

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

New Snaps from Mom

So, Nana Povi (My mom) is visiting and getting GREAT snaps of the BB. She hunted and stalked the elusive smile and was triumphant! (see video below) She has been diligent at baby holding, cooing, wrangling, burping...pretty much putting all those long lost kid skills back to use.

We're off to Breightenbush hot springs tonight so I can assist with a sweatlodge and the BB can get some multiple hour car time. It'll be a first for a 3 hour trip in the car...I have big prayers out that it will be smooth, easy and uneventful!

Here are a few of mom's snaps I particularly like. We have more on flickr...if you want info on that get a hold of BP or myself.

The Many Faces of Vivian:

MAN can this kid get any cuter?

When the Z's and Deb where through town this weekend Zia got aproximatly 300 photos of Viv in 48 hours...so I expect there will be more good ones. I still have yet to see Auntie Tammy's awesome photos...I bet there are a lot of amazing ones. The couple black and white ones have made the rounds and are awesome!

Enjoy your Wednesday!


Monday, June 22, 2009

Houston, We Have Smile, I repeat, We Have Smile

Nana Povi devised a strategy to get a smile on video by holding the camera to the side and keeping the baby distracted from it and entertained. You can see when she turns, sees the camera, and gets all serious again. A look we are all now so familiar with. But grandma prevails and gets some good smiles and noises and bubbles on video.

Enjoy visiting relatives,


Sunday, June 21, 2009

Father's day

My first father's day, and I'm getting a flood of emails and phone calls and text messages -- many from the most random and heart-warming places.

Thanks ya'll.

Here's a picture my sister took, not necessarily glamor shot material for either one of us, but cool nonetheless.


Wednesday, June 17, 2009

First Dinner out and a few randoms

Went to McMenamins with Ms. Tammy last night for a good beer and burger. They have Oregon country beef (free range with no nasties in it) and the best Hefewiesen (Wheat beer they call it) in town, in my opinion. Plus it's a funky, Deadhead decorated local joint that we love to support.

The BB did great in her first official outing to a dinner joint despite the fact it was early evening or the dreaded Sundowner baby fussy McFussypants time for Miss Viv. She is getting somewhat used to the car seat. This is good since we're going to be spending a lot of time in the car seat headed to Sac for crazy Landis family gathering in July.

On to the snaps!


Just chilling in the car seat. Gotta love the deadhead decorations. Sheesh, you should see the INSIDE!

Auntie Tammy making eyes at the BB...such a cutie. Both of them really!


More belly time later in the evening for Ms. Viv. This is mere MOMENTS before she rolled over for the first time. No repeat performance as of yet, but it's great incentive to get her more belly time! Plus, she looks like Walter Cronkite...an added bonus!

(as an aside...MOM (nana povi) comes tomorrow! We are excited!)

Enjoy your Wednesday!


Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Nap bomb

Auntie Tammy (BP's sister) is visiting from deep behind the Orange curtain. She's got quite the touch with the BB...lots of smiles from her and Viv was immediately comfortable and receptive with her. Nice to see the old girl knows family when she gets held by it!

So Tammy and I snuck off for a couple of hours to watch the Lakers kick the tar out of the Magic in the NBA finals and left Viv with BP. Apparently a nap bomb went off in the living room while we were gone. It effected both the baby and papa along with ALL 3 of the cats.

Uncle Tait, stalwart resister of the nap, was there to document the lack of action.

BP and Viv trying to not succumb to the powerful nap emissions being let off by Sula "the nap creator". She has such a powerful gravitational pull that she can suck everyone in a 2 room radius into a semi-conscious state in under 10 minutes. Add a sunbeam in the room and ya'll are DONE FOR!

View the documented power of the cat!

She looks so innocent wielding her power!

Even the other cats cannot resist the power of the Napinator!

Enjoy the supernatural powers of your (pseudo) domesticated animals,


Monday, June 15, 2009

Auntie Tammy visits and we clip nails

So BP's sister arrived Saturday to get down to some serious baby holding. She's born to hold babies and works with children with disabilities so she's a saint to boot. Viv took an immediate liking to her (as well she should).

More photo's as the week progresses with Auntie Tammy. Here are the first few.

When Auntie Tammy arrived Viv had just dropped off for a nap. Undaunted, Auntie Tammy jumped right in with some expert baby holding.

Viv, a staunch sleeper, is actually soaking up the "being held while sleeping" vibes that Tammy is putting off.

Close up of the BB in full respite.

I also got the chance to get Viv's nails clipped (SCARY!!!) later that evening. Everyone thought it was hilarious that I was wearing my headlamp in order to see but I'll not have her blood on my hands if I clipped her little finger off! Safety first!

Later in the evening Viv passed out enough to stop wiggling in her sleep and I got some valuable nail clipping done. With the help of baby-crazy Dr. Octagon (one of BP's old study buddies who was over for a little BBQ) we got the job done. Notice the headlamp worn by the mama for precision cutting.


Sunday, June 14, 2009

First roll over

At 10:22 on June 14, Viv just rolled over by herself. Holy crap!

Auntie Tammy has been greatly influential in this! YA!

Go Viv!

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Belly time!!

We're starting a concerted campaign to have Miss Viv get more belly time. She spends a good deal of belly time ON folks, but I think she needs a bit more on the ground time if she's going to get to turning over any day now.

She's pretty strong in the kicking and pushing up arena's and I'm amazed how strong her neck is. While she doesn't like belly time much at the moment I suspect it will become a favorite once she gets all the parts working together and can CRAWL! *cue ominous music*


Things start out well during belly time. She's a strong little sucker!

Then you have to rest a bit.

And we're back at it! Go Viv!

This is one of my favorite pictures. I like the "eeeewww! I can't touch this" look on her face!

And then we're over it. This is her official "Over it" face. A crack up. Can't you see Brandon in this little girl!?

As an aside...the cat's really like the bouncy chair too. This one goes out to Pretty down in LA with C the G, Max and Jerry.

Enjoy your Thursday!

KT and Viv

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

More SJJ and the kiddo

Favored Auntie Sara JJ visited the other day to get a little Viv fix. Vivian has been particularly fond of the big red yoga bouncy ball and being held facing out the last couple of weeks. Inevitably, adult talk gets boring and naps become more interesting. I like this kid's style!


Favorite auntie Sara JJ stopped by and put the baby to sleep on the bouncy ball. We love a good sleeping baby!

She's still in the action I tell ya! Not missing a thing just resting the eyelids!

OH the little cutie!

Tuesday, June 9, 2009


So I spend my day having lovely interactions with such a sweet sweet baby, but who would know!? Trying to get the kid to smile for the camera is almost impossible. She smiles and grins in her sleep, on the changing table, in the bouncy chair, when she's napping....for the camera? NO!

Here's my best shot at it. BP and I are going to tag team trying to get the super cute full gummy grin captured at some point. As soon as I figure out how to post video, I also have 2 + hilarious minutes of Viv just staring the camera down looking impossibly serious. No smiling!

To the evidence!
Try number 1:

Trying to get this kid to smile for the camera is difficult!

Try number 2:


Try number 3:

Pretty close!

Try number 4:

And she's over it! The 2 minutes of video I have trying to do the same thing are pretty funny but fruitless. She's REALLY stinking cute when she gives you the big grin!

I'll capture it! I swear I will!

In other news, it's been busy around here. Trying to keep up with the garden, a growing baby (2 months! Wow!) and the house is really a full time job. I'm looking forward to Auntie Tamara and Grandma Nana coming in the next few weeks so I can get something done while they do some baby holding! BP has been busy back to work all over with Playwrite and Peace Warrior curriculum work occupying him. When Dad was here he got to see a final performance evening with a group of kids BP had worked with. He said it was really neat. I have yet to be able to schedule to get there, but I will!

The garden is rocking and I'm getting ready to do a bit of canning since Oregon strawberries have just come into season. Jam! YA! Other than that, we're all healthy and wise...just looking for a touch more tangible wealth these days. It's coming I just know it!

Enjoy your Tuesday!
KT and Viv

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

6 wk BBdr Visit (now that she's almost 8 weeks old!)

We're caught up with posting photos now!

Had the final installment of BBdr visits with the lovely and talented Dr. Sara Ohgushi while Dad was here. She was pushing 11lb's 5.5 oz and is 22.5 inches long. But being a Landis child, she's in the 80th percentile for head size. I knew that, but it's a special kind of knowing!

It was a good visit all around. We love going to the BBdr. I hope Viv likes it too since Dr. Sara isn't getting rid of us any time soon. BP and I are also scheduled to go talk at the next "what to expect at your homebirth" class she's teaching on June 21st. We'll let you know how it goes.

Dad and Martha suffered through waiting for us after meeting the BBdr and then headed to the haberdashery where BP got his styling new hat. He's looking very swanky in it, I must admit.



And as a bonus, we caught her after she just returned from a homebirth of a 10lb 4oz baby! Putting Viv to shame! Styling new 'do for the BBdr as well. We were informed it's her twice a year cut.

The lovely and talented BBdr working her voodoo magic on a fussy baby. Just mere seconds before, Viv was screaming her fool head off. Ahh, the power of the BBdr!

That's it for catch up,


Tuesday, June 2, 2009

The Mentor Visits

BP's old mentor in men's work got ahold of him a few weeks ago and they arranged a visit after 10 years. It was nice to see him and his wife. Of course, we neglected to get a photo of him, but we'll get one from him since HE got one! Sheesh


Nancy is the wife of one of BP's manly mentors who recently got in touch with him. They drove up from Eugene in the blazing 87degree heat to sit around and chat with us. Of course, since Jim's an old school kind of guy, we totally forgot to take a picture of him.

Nancy did enough baby holding and loving for the both of them. Mother of 4, she obviously had some mad baby handling skills. She's also a great grandma too!

We'll get that picture of Jim posted as soon as we get one!


Monday, June 1, 2009

Visits! (Catch up photos)

We're still a bit behind in the posting arena. BP's been busy and, frankly, I've been holding the baby!

Earlier in the week, as it got hot, I ate something that didn't quite sit right with Viv and we had a terrible Monday-Wednesday with gas, crying non-stop and general uncomfortableness. Bad news bears. We don't know how parents of colicy kids MAKE it in the world. After an EPIC spit up of some sour milk and stomach fluids and two poops in an hour on Wednesday, the week generally smoothed out. That day has come to be known as "bodily fluid" day, as I was covered in every one she currently creates at one point of the day or another. Go motherhood!

The end of the week saw Viv back to good spirits and accepting visitors. On to the pics!


Here's our good friend father Paul SJ...man of the cloth...who stopped by for an impromptu visit. He was out doing good deeds or something and came to remind Viv of her place in his heart.

As you can see, he's smitten! Of course, it helps that we named her after him (cough, cough).


Not our kid but what the hay!

Had an impromptu visit from "that neighbor kid" this morning. Apparently he now hightails it over to our house whenever his mom lets him pick his destination outside. He has a great relationship with Petey, the black and white cat. They like to play chase around the living room.

The other side of this photo is the cat trying to look relaxed and nonchalant. We know he's not though. "That neighbor kid" is awful fast for a 14 month old! Just got to walking a couple of weeks ago and already is trying to kill his mother with stress by taking a few good tumbles. Take notes Viv...no falling!


The BBdr instructed us that little Vivian legs need to not be splayed out when in slings, which is fine if you are holding her face towards you. Unfortunately the preferred position is looking out these days...darn it all! Being held like a little baby was SO last week. Here Papa models the newest attempt in baby fashion forwardness...HA! I crack my self up!