Monday, April 19, 2010

Grandma Shirley's pictures of Viv's 1st 1st birthday

It's the 1st 1st birthday because there will be a 2nd 1st birthday as well. One more for the next visiting Grandma. We figure, she doesn't know the exact date she was born yet, so no harm no foul -- we'll have the birthdays in the same month when family's in town.

On to the pictures, all taken by Grandma Shirley.

Birthday onsie from Grandma Shirley!

Amidst the presents, a very intent child.

Our girl having a good time.

A lovely photo of one of babycake's favorite activities, window gazing. Actually it is of two of her favorite activities, window gazing and stair climbing. I love the light and mood of this one.

Enjoy celebrating milestones,


Friday, April 16, 2010

Poopy pants on roof rack

I know, we've been severely remiss posting here. Facebook has been where a lot of bebeh posting action's happening. We'll fix that.

As for the picture: Yes, those are baby pants. Yes, that's a Subaru roof rack. Yes, that's electrical tape.

They were bad. Seriously. We got home safe.

Enjoy springtime,