Thursday, November 20, 2008


Rebecca over at Girl's Gone Child wrote a very interesting article on co-sleeping and why they didn't do it with their first and why they do with their second.

The Good Reverend's Family (our Rorschach test for parenting) are big co-sleepers. We've watched the family grown from 1 baby in the bed to 6 kids in the house in multiple beds on any given night. It has been awesome to see how organically the kids come to a point where they don't want to sleep in the "big bed" any longer.

All of these kids are extremely well adjusted, articulate, smart, creative. None exhibit signs of the horror stories I have heard with kids whining about not being able to sleep with their parents when they are 8 years old or kids who have separation anxiety in spades.

Overall, my impression of co-sleeping is favorable and, frankly, something I am looking forward to.

And yet, it's another thing to have discussions with the Husband about and to come to a joint decision about when (or what age) might be appropriate to have the Tenant sleeping sans Parental units.

I must admit, I am glad there are these "Mommy blogs" out there for us up and coming parents because I am not sure where I would be asked to think about or take part in discussions about robust parenting issues issues I have never even thought of (like working mom guilt, post childbirth sex, co-sleeping and diaper preferences). Unless you have scads of folks in your community you are accessible to that have kids, these are questions that don't get asked or answered without some digging. Not everyone is comfortable discussing myriad issues like these either.

I know co-sleeping used to be more common and is making a comeback (at least here on the Left Coast). It's seems reasonable to consider it at least for the breastfeeding portion of this marathon event. We'll see if the Tenant is into it or if their Aries tendencies demand a wing of the house be built specifically to house them.


KT and Tenant


Catherine Just said...

i have a friend who bought the COOLEST crib I've ever seen and they didn't have plans on co-sleeping but then the baby slept in the crib one night and that was it. In the bed it went and there it stayed! She is only 1.5 yrs old so I don't know how long they will do that.
Our bed is small so I am not sure how it will work but I am open to both. Not sure what Pisces tendancies are - so if you have any tips I'd love to hear them!

Kate said...

one of my friends has been trying to figure out co-sleeping with her baby (about 6 mo old now) and she said she loooooved the arm's reach co-sleeper. Apparently her little one started refusing to sleep because of the easy access to food when she was in the main bed. She was nursing every 30-60 minutes and driving them nuts. From what I've seen on the website, the arm's reach isn't cheap....but it also looks simple enough that it could be home-made ;)