Sunday, November 9, 2008

Month 5

Dear Tenant,

This week you are officially 5 months into your cooking process and the state of the world seems to be as busy changing as you are. Just last week we had a historic election where the first African American man was elected to President. Simultaneously, people in several different states decided it's still ok to be bigoted and declared that same sex marriage was illegal. /sigh. It's a crazy world you have decided to be born into. I have to think it's for many amazing reasons.

5 months in and 5 months to go. I have to say that while I am excited to meet you, this winner of the incarnation lottery, I am glad that you take some time getting here. At first you were just a foggy haze that I really didn't think was true but always have known was an answer to a series of prayers made years ago. Time, dreams and a burgeoning belly have brought you more into focus out of the aether's, yet you are still only a bit wiggly and not very present in the mix yet.

This month created little grainy black and white images that are sitting in front of me as I write to you. It was enthralling to see you looking up at me from the first moment the Ultrasound was turned on. I'll show you the photo when you come out to visit. One thrilled Ultrasound technician, nervous assistant and mildly shell shocked papa later, I left the clinic with more of a feeling that you were cooking in there and I needed to get ready for something.

Leading me to thinking a lot about the idea of gestation. Not only do I NEED you to take all the time you are going to take in the downstairs apartment but I have realized that it's healthy to have time to allow all good things to come to pass when they should. I get a bit impatient and stubborn when I think I know what needs to be happening or what is good for me, but then get something totally different. Inevitably, all these things lead me, in due time, to exactly where I need to be. You and your papa and this house and my life being no exception.

So despite the surrounding swirl of chaos in the world today; the nutzo economy we have earned over the past 2 decades, the wars, the politicking, the illness and destruction, there are so many good and solid and hopeful reasons for you to be in this world. And your papa and I are looking forward to showing you as many as we can while you show us a few tricks of your own.

As a word of caution, grow that funny bone big and'll need it out here, I assure you.



(With great respect for the plagiarizing of Dooce's monthly newsletters to her daughter)


Nana-Povi said...

November, I've always been fond of it myself...and now there's 'you' growing In There, beefed up, I read, by codliver oil fairies...all the better.

For now, you are in a good spot to create your beginner's mind-and-body -- we're listening for you on the evening breezes and humming a tune your way. Good luck with the funny bone, povi

Catherine Just said...

dear tenant of kt, ( and bp!)
I'm an old friend of your mama and papa and I am so excited about your arrival and can't wait to meet you!
There's another little "potpie" cooking down in LA that will be born the same month as you are, and I hope that the two of you get to meet some day... in Maui....2010 if your schedule is open then...
You are so lucky!! Your parents are gems. aware, awake, loving, warm beings. your entrance into the world will be met with what I would call "Yum"