Friday, December 19, 2008

Newest Blog I am following

As many of you might know, I have gotten into following a couple of alternative "mommy" blogs. The current favorite is "Bite my Cookie", an irreverent look at life, kids, marriage, the universe and everything by a gal who lives in Portland and who I suspect used my same AWESOME Midwife, Dr. Sara.

Check her out, with all the spare time you should have since the world as we know it is supposed to be covered in apocalyptic ice and snow frogs and locust. No? Well, KINDA covered in ice frogs and locust.

She has an great written voice to read. She's irreverent, funny and dealing with the same issues I will / shall be dealing with. I strongly suspect that with a bit of research and pushiness I might be able to befriend this one. I'll keep you posted on my online stalking.

In the meantime, hope over to her blog and read the touching tribute she posted to her Boyband (Boy-friend / hus-Band). If I could say it any better to BP, I would. It applies equally to the fabulousness that is that dude that knocked me up. Word.

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Bpaul said...


bitemycookie said...

hi there!
thanks so much for the shout out. unfortunately, i am as crazy as i seem to be by blog. shameful. happy whatevah, 2008!

Katye said...

That may in fact be true, but so are we, MUAHAHAHAH!!!