Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Month 6 Letter

Dear Tenant,

Today you have cooked "exactly" 6 months, according to the crazy method the medical folks use to determine due dates. It's been an important last 4 weeks in our world. I have been meditating on the idea of Gestation, not just as something you are going through but as a crucial requirement for your Papa and I to actually get our heads around this parenting concept.

It's been kind of a hard month. Papa and I have had lots of unsolicited advice, stories and fearful things poured into our ears (from ourselves or others)lately. I can't imagine that being pregnant or dealing with becoming parents has gotten any harder in the last 37 years since I was born but I don't remember there being such a high degree of people willing / able to try and freak out newly expectant parents with horror stories. Perhaps, since it never applied to me, I just simply didn't pay attention. This is a trait that I can only hope you acquire, even if you use it against Papa and I often.

It's been a month where your Papa has been a little bit under the weather and we have both been looking at the expectations we have placed on ourselves to "provide" for you. I think that everyone goes through this stage and it's hard for me to watch Papa not have the same hormonal deluge I have that keeps on telling me "it's going to be's all going to work out". Despite the labor horror stories, terrible economy, fear of being on maternity leave and making the bills and large amount of weirdo's in the world, I can only assume that you wouldn't be cooking in there unless everything was going to be provided for your care AS IT'S NEEDED. What I think trips both Papa and I up is that we are trying to be responsible and PLAN, but most things come when they are needed and not a moment before. Hence the need for more gestation, for both you and us.

The reason for so much more attention in the pregnancy realm had to have come from your excellent construction skills and the fine addition you have been adding on to the existing apartment. I bet it's getting a bit snug in there and a good amount of expansion was in order. From the increase in kicking I can only assume you are a) exploring the boundaries of every enclosing quarters, b) trying to send me a message in morse code or c) preparing for tryouts for a European soccer team.

Either way, keep on kicking there toots! About 2 weeks ago, your Papa and I were laying in bed reading and you were kicking up a storm and I had him feel the belly. His eyes got all big and wide when you gave him (what I can only expect was) a good shot to the palm. It was seriously cute. It was the first time he had felt you moving around. I expect this to be the beginning of a beautiful relationship, at least until the teen years hit.

Just to make our lives that much more complicated, me, uncle T. and Papa went to the pound and got a couple of little kitties to run amok in our world. They have been good training for me since one got instantly sick has had to be medicated 3 times a day and did a good deal of barfing on me in the early, snot filled stages. I looked at this as an opportunity to get prepared for small, hot mammals to expel different fluids on me. So far, I am un phased. I am sure you will be able to gross me out at some point and I am kind of looking forward to the challenge.

Over all, the month has gone faster than I expected and I am sure the time will continue to fly as the holiday's pass and the tax season begins. I told your Papa this morning I was writing the 6 month newsletter and we both had a moment of silence for the impending craziness that will ensue. I continue to be so grateful that you have a wild and crazy community of people to come out and join...all of whom are as excited to meet you and be in relationship with you as your Papa and I are. They are a continued solace during the times when it all seems like it's moving too fast. Thankfully, we both know that there is still a bit more cooking time ahead for you...and gestational time for both of us to be able to work through the wispy spiderwebs that cloud our brains. Not to worry, we'll get it figured out before you move out...or we won't but either way it's going to fun for all of us to be able to figure it out together.


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Catherine Just said...

Thank you for sharing it. I was getting read to come up there with my camera gear and pull your top up.
Don't think I wouldn't.

Nice letter to the tenant.
I'm amazed too at how many people give unsolicited "advice" and creepy story telling. I'm getting good at reminding them that I'm pregnant and pregnant gals like me don't enjoy hearing stories like that and
drum roll please: Thank you I have a doctor.