Monday, November 24, 2008

And the beat goes on...

It was a fun filled weekend of domestic camaraderie with T., BP and myself all headed to the Oregon Humane Society on Saturday morning and finding a couple of frisky little hairballs to come home with us. If you haven't seen the photos, BP has some of them up on his blog The Institute of Jurassic Technology. They have been in quarantine for the last 48 hours and both of them are about fed up with not being able to get out of the office.

The whole "paw under the door and meow a lot" routine is going to get them some adventure time in the red room and living room tonight when I can be home to supervise.

As I was being duly chastised and simultaneously loved-up this morning with 2 of these people on my lap, I was instantly struck by the gratitude that I am not having twins. My they were a handful! And I didn't have enough hands to go around. Not to mention there is this nagging little voice in the back of my head wondering about whether they are getting equal time, treatment, love? Is Sula, the 17 yr old battle axe who's been with me thick and thin and who's going to be pissed, getting enough attention?

It's exhausting.

I'm also glad that we didn't wait to get the kittens. They would have gotten zero attention if they would have come later on during prime baby time. This way I think they have a chance to settle in before we disrupt the calm, serene household with lots of different smells and sounds.

On a totally unrelated note, I am looking forward to going up to Seattle for Thanksgiving to see the Good Reverend, his wife and the 6 kiddos. It's been almost a year since we've physically been up there and that is WAY way too long.

Gwyndolyn (2nd oldest) informed BP on the phone last night that she like cherry or apple pie and that we were to bring one or both of those when we came up. Non-plussed about the time and distance. That's what I like. Staunch little scuppers.

I'll bring the camera up and get some chittlin' photos (perhaps with the belly for C the G).

Hopefully a little travel with shake off the last couple of days of emotional funk I've been experiencing. Perhaps a loose hormone got into some place it shouldn't be or the darkness has settled in on the psyche but I've been a bit morose.

I am sure that cherry pie is the answer. At least a slice of cherry pie with my favorite kids should do the trick!


KT and Tenant


Catherine Just said...

That sounds like so much fun!!
I hope you feel better. I've been dealing with that down in the dumps feeling too. Nothing a belly shot from katye won't fix!

Nana-Povi said...

All that Love in Seattle will set things right, no doubt! Enjoy each minute and remember those cherry pits. You're all part of what we're thankful for, again this year, 'way over on the other side of the country. kisses, yer momma

Girl in Red Shoes said...
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Girl in Red Shoes said...

Hi. Just found your blog right up next to Brandon's on my dad's computer. Can't wait to see you on Wednesday? Thursday?

xoxo fi