Monday, December 29, 2008

Week 27: Where has the time gone?

Holy crap it's been 10 days since I posted anything! That doesn't seem possible given all the sitting around BP and I have been

But first...Califlower! Yep...we've graduated to the almost 2 pound mark and I tell ya, I can feel it. The belly is getting a bit onerous. With more to come they tell me. Belly photos with the NYE BBdr appointment update.

*insert gratitous photo of said vegetable here*

THEN...there was the ARCTIC BLAST 2008 (*cue apocolyptic music here*) that the news media made into a mountain...then made into a molehill...then we had a mountain fall on top of us. Record snow for Christmas with an average 14 inches accumulated in the METRO Area. Wowza to say the least.

Nothing like sitting in your house for days on end watching it snow, reminicing about the good old days when I had to dig my car out every frigging morning to get to class my Senior year of college (ah...Nebraska...) and generally considering most of the natives and transplants from So. Cal whiny pussys. The exception being my lovely stud of a husband who took to the Subaru like a snowbunny takes to Schnaps and to my roommate T. who shoveled it all like a one man snowblower; German widowner's walk across the street included.

The chickens, however...were not amused.

The CATS however, with the exception of Sula who hates everything, were entranced that the Monkeys (i.e. BP, T. and myself) were all at their disposal to play all day long (read: stuck at home). Many a knuckle was bloodied playing with the used shoelace toy that has become a favorite. The fur sparrow has re-emerged as the premiere toy, and much fishing for cats has ensued. I think that BP's catch and release skills with trout have served him well this last few days.

Other than that, we have binged on marathon CSI: Las Vegas viewings and have done some crafting. I am sure that the child is no longer human but has become some modification of a lemon bar, after yesterdays consuption of freshly baked "gifts" for the neighbors, (cough). I'm sure I'll get down the street at some point to deliver them. They sure all pretty tho!

I'll let you know how things go on Wednesday with the per usual. I get to have a gallon of blood drawn for the (enviable) glucose test! Woohoo!

KT & Tenant


Catherine Just said...

your sense of humor kills me. I love reading this as it's the same way you talk and you always crack me UP!
I can tell you are much happier to get out of the house and report on the snow in - then to be IN IT.
p.s. Can you send a lemon bar my way? I've finished all the choc. chip cookies....
I feel like cookie monster right now.
I look forward to seeing more of your belly. I see enough of mine that's for sure. Especially now since it's taking up my view of those other things I used to be more acquainted with!

Catherine Just said...

p.s. I want the lemon bar recipe!