Friday, November 7, 2008

BBdr Visit #3

Yesterday was BBdr visit number 3 and Team Landis is still going strong in the development and heart rate arenas.

A word about midwives/ND's.

I have chosen to have a home birth of the Tenant, so the obvious choice is to get a Midwife for the job. My old gynecologist of 10 years was thrilled when I told her I was pregnant and in the same breath stated she's not delivering babies any longer. Hrumph!

The hunt began!

She gave me a couple of numbers and I called the first only to be pleasantly surprised to have a 30 minute conversation with a very grounded woman (who would still laugh at my jokes, which IS a requirement).

After a free (/boggle) hour and a half initial consultation BP and I decided this was the one without even having a discussion. Hugs ensued.

So if your in the baby making business and live in Portland, Oregon I can't say nice enough things about Dr. Sara Ohgushi.

Back to the details.

So we are actually at 19.1 weeks (I am terrible with math) and the uterus has achieved orbit at the top of the navel. Expansion GO! Apparently the next months are all about upward and onward in the BIGGER arena. So if you are wondering if I look like some sort of pregnant lady yet, I do. (Yeah Yeah pictures...I'll get there. Can't we just all applaud me for the hyperlink above?!?)

The heart rate is a perfectly trance inducing 140 bpm and is always fascinating. If you get the chance to hear a baby in utero, do it. It's wild!

And overall, though she drew a gallon of blood for the "prenatal suite of lab tests" (that weirdly included an HIV test...good things to know I guess) it was an uneventful and successful visit. Just like I like them. We'll be back on December 4th for Visit number 4.

We informed the midwife that she would be having her picture taken with me next visit for the blog, so photos ARE in the works...I just have to figure out the digital camera / blogger connection and make it happen.


KT and Tenant


Catherine Just said...

I read this post and our baby just did a little twirl inside my belly. He must like you and want to meet you soon!
I love your blog!

Katye said...

You're sweet! I am sure he and the Tenant will get along famously!

Kate said...

oh, I am *so* bringing my stethoscope with me when I visit you next.