Friday, December 5, 2008

BBdr visit #4

Yesterday was the obligatory monthly visit to the BBdr, whom we love. She had another ND sitting in with her getting continuing education credit and this woman has 1 year old twins, AND SHE'S STILL ALIVE. It was a hopeful moment.

All is going swimmingly, as predicted. Got my lab results from the half a gallon of blood she drew last visit and nothing was out of the ordinary. A little bit anemic (normal), a little bit low on Vitamin D (duh, it's Portland!). Brandon assured her that he would start stuffing me full of elk and make me take the new, snazzy Vitamin D supplement she gave me.

Did you know you don't even metabolize that stuff unless it's Vitamin D-3? Everyone check your vitamins, stat! I have the gal who can hook you up if you wanna call her!

The big news (in my world) was that I have finally broken the 200lb mark. 201.5 lbs is the current tonnage. 23 lbs! WOW! I feel sorry for those linebacker dudes who are like 300lbs and forced to run anywhere. I would keel over.

The belly is protruding and the heartbeat is a steady 140. Still quite trance inducing.

There has been lots of activity for the last several weeks in the belly and it's been kind of a trip to start feeling the Tenant moving the furniture around down there. The night before Thanksgiving BP and I were lying in bed reading and I had him put his hand on my belly and feel the baby! With a little pressure you can get a good handful of kicking! It was cute to see his eyes get all big.

"Dude, there is someone in there!"

Realization comes at different times and levels for all of us.

In other news, I have dodged all the illness cooties at work that have been plaguing the office the last 3 weeks (knock on wood) and feel stellar. The little girl kitty pulled up with a bad virus a couple of days ago and had a 106 fever (!) when we pulled into the Vet last night. 75ml of fluid under the skin, 2 droppers full of goldenseal / echinacia and a good nights sleep had her charging around the house a totally new animal this morning. Go go modern medicine!

So a productive medical day all around. We'll keep you posted as things come along!

KT and Tenant


Catherine Just said...

You've gained 23 pounds and I've gained 32 pounds.
Oh yes I did! Just try to catch up with that one!
Glad all is well with the baby and the kitty.
I'm still waiting for a belly shot???!!!
don't make me come up there!

p.s. go to my baby blog and vote for the bedding you like best for the crib....just for fun yo.

Katye said...

Done and done!