Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Baby Names

Here's the deal with our naming of the baby. Ideally, we want to find 6 or so names for each gender that we really like before the baby comes. Then, when we meet this person, we can pick from that list.

In the sidebar, you can see the current list that we're knocking around. Those lists are going to change often, so it's worth checking back on them if you are interested in this process.

Feel free to suggest names, and give reasons/stories why you like that particular name too. We're very interested, and folks may be surprised what catches our fancy.

Thanks for your kind attentions,


Ps/Addendum: I'll cop to some attachments I hold in the name department. I love Viggo, for some reason. I also really love the idea of using Paul for the middle name of a girl. I just think it would rock -- and some of those names would be especially good paired with it (Bellis Paul, Vivian Paul -- rocking).


Anonymous said...

Alright, so I will give you my list of names which you can choose from if you like any of them but I would like to know if you are gerared towards one direction or the other for names such old fashion names, hip names, Hawaiian, Indian names etc..,

Katye said...

We aren't geared towards any genre of names in particular, but I am interested in assembling names that will reflect well on the little person who carries it.

So, we won't be "pre-naming" the baby before we meet it and hang out for a while and see what name it might fancy!

I am partial to names that might have been used in the respective families in the past (like Sadie was my Grandfather's 2nd wife and love of his life) but something distinctive and thoughtful is always appreciated!


Kate said...

I'll admit that I always loved having an unusual middle name. I could pretend it wasn't there when I wanted to feel normal, and when I wanted to feel different (like...99% of the time) I could whip out that middle name and feel all cool.

And Vivian Paul totally sounds like a sophisticated and glamourous 40's film star. I love it!

Nana-Povi said...

Dad's middle name was Chandler and I remember you liking that name at one point in the murky past. Don't know the connections, if any, behind it. His nickname from Asa was 'Ace' which was always fun to hear.

Catherine Just said...

I love viggo!
I also love vivian paul!
both are strong names!

Jasmine said...

Perhaps your man T. passed this idea on. Maxson for a boy and Maxine for a girl. I also like Simone (my grandmothers name).

Bentley said...

i REALLY like Holden For the Boys.
(I could never name my own child that, having a last name like Wood)

Bpaul said...