Thursday, May 28, 2009

Grandpa Ward's visit

Many thanks to Ward and his main squeeze Martha for such a nice visit. Ward came in to town first, and had a few days with the famdamily. He did some baby holding, and helped out with an important project -- installing blackout shades in the bottom floor. Hooo boy are those nice, not only for soothing dark rooms for the bebeh, but to keep the heat down as well.

Martha was very sly about not being photographed, which we didn't notice until the visit was over, darnitall. I will ply Grandpa to see if he's got some pictures we could share later on.

On to the pics:

5/17/09 Ward and the Bebeh

Ward in his Sunday-go-to-meetin' clothes, holding the bebeh in the beginning of the trip, right after his arrival from the airport.

5/17/09 The Queen's Tea

Grandpa Ward, being the consummate Trooper that he is, came with us when we went out to Hillboro to a friend's house for tea and snacks to honor The Queen's birthday. Canukistanis are always just looking for an excuse for a party, really.

5/19/09 Ward comforting the Bebeh

Grandpa Ward did some good walking-around-and-comforting while he was here to help out with Kt and I needing hands at points during the trip.

5/19/09 Lunch with Bebeh and Kombucha

We all took a walk down to the local cafe (Kt and Ward were on some serious reconnoitering regarding all the pie within walking distance of the house), and Ward bought us a nice lunch. Here I am with the bebeh strapped on with the Baby Hawk carrier, and toasting with my Kombucha. Neither Ward nor The Wife like the stuff but I crave it.

5/19/09 Ward and The Wife

Here is Grandpa and The wife at the little lunch place we walked to. He's oozing with pride, look at that face.

5/19/09 More Grandpa Ward with the Bebeh

Some good gazing time with the Bebeh and Grandpa Ward.

5/20/09 Grandpa and the Bebeh gazing

More gazing time with Grandpa Ward. Good stuff. (that blue behind him is a shade lighter than the one we're actually going to use in that room, btw).

Enjoy visits from the Patriarchs,



Catherine Just said...

AHHH! That photo of BP is AWESOME.
I love that look on his face -
he looks so tickled.
So very "BP".
Wish I was up there sharing that drink with ya.
And WARD!!!
Haven't seen him since your wedding.
He looks proud and happy as a clam.

Anonymous said...

Nothing looks better than a grammpa with a baby dear on his lap! So much love dancin' around that house of yours--and Portland, too! va momma