Thursday, May 14, 2009

Going back in time -- trip up to Redwind, and placental burial

Let's get this narrative back in order here. We jumped around a bit to accommodate a Gram and Katye's excitement over the lovely and talented Miranda. But, the story should be set back on track.

On the 30th of April, The Bebeh, Wife and I went up to Redwind to have a little ceremony to bury the placenta under a tree. Here are the pictures from that day:

4/30/09 Mama and Viv

Figured a little "reality show" was in order here. Here is the beautiful-but-unconscious mama with the bebeh in early morning light. Kt was still in the downstairs bed at this point, healing up.

4/30/09 Viv and Babybling (or... what happens when fathers dress their newborn daughters)

Rock that outfit, Viv, rock it.

4/30/09 Viv and Nunpa

Uncle Nunpa holding the baby at Redwind Headquarters. She was a trooper that day, her first drive up to the mountain and back (about an hour each way). She did great.

4/30/09 Viv and Nunpa

Great face over Nunpa's shoulder. Why hello!

4/30/09 Penny and Viv

Auntie Penny met Viv for the first time today. Penny lives right up the road from Redwind, so it was a good opportunity for her to see the baby without a trip all the way to town.

4/30/09 Pear tree

So long ago we had decided that we'd like to bury the placenta up at Redwind under a tree. Pears are Katye's favorite fruit and, synchronistically enough, Damon wanted to put a pear tree into his orchard anyway. So here it is, a nice 5-in-1 pear with Asian, Bosch, Comice and two other varieties that I can't remember at the moment. You gotta love grafting.

4/30/09 Viv and BP and pear tree

Viv at her pear tree. Mama's pear tree as well, since under it is the placenta.

4/30/09 Viv's pear tree

If one picture at the pear tree is good, then two is better, no?

Enjoy the simple ceremonies in life,



Anonymous said...

I love the welcoming folks and the pictures of Vivi everywhere - with Mom, with Dad, with some of the Universe's component parts. Comice pears are my very favorite of pears -- and the idea of grafting, well; it's the best of what's to so many directions. Here's to co-dependent co-arising, as an Indian philosopher once called 'reality' -- ! va momma

Anonymous said...

Great job dressing Vivi! She is looking very cute and stylish I must add.
What does it mean when you bury the placenta?
I love the picture of you holding her under the pear tree.

Bpaul said...

To me, its pretty much "ashes to ashes, dust to dust." We bury our dead, we bury the placenta. The earth, the soil, takes it back and recycles it.

She has a very good moon face in that picture, cute thing.

Bentley said...

SOSO Cute :)
And she does a perfect "WHAT! :|!" Face :P

Catherine Just said...

that fact that you put her in that outfit is just killing me. You are too damn cute Bp. good papa! Love the photos of her near her tree. That FACE!

Bpaul said...

That outfit rocked.