Sunday, May 10, 2009

Grandma sighting!

My mother was the first Grandma to visit Ms. Vivian. Officially, there are 3 Grandmas, and all are out of state. Grandma visits are going to be a big deal in Vivian's life, so we endeavor to record all of them for posterity.

Grandma Shirley stayed for a week, and had plenty of Vivian time every day she was here. We kept the itinerary light, so the focus was more on quality time with Bebeh and Mama. I was working a Playwrite, Inc. gig, so was out of the house during the day much of the visit. It was mostly a time for Kt and Grandma and The Peanut to hang out, take walks, share food and stories.

Here are a couple pictures, because as my intartube friends say "Pictures or it didn't happen!"

5/6/09 Grandma Shirley & Bebeh

Grandma Shirley was the first of the "grands" who got a chance to visit with Vivian. Here she is in the rocking chair with the bebeh.

5/6/09 Bebeh held by Grandma Shirley

Vivian is just beginning what the BBDR calls her "chin collection." We are looking forward to seeing how it progresses.

5/6/09 Grandma Shirley & Babycakes

Another picture of Grandma w/Bebeh. A nice day, a nice visit, a nice photo.

Enjoy honoring the mamas of the world,



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So laid-back and charming--great photos. Vivian is quite the sweetheart...those hands, Ohhhh! va momma and 'nana'

matt_stansberry said...

That's one good looking baby.