Sunday, May 31, 2009

It's Hot ya'll

Whew! It's hot! Hot baby, hot papa, hot mama. It's pushing 11 pm here and it's just now starting to cool off. The passive cooling we use to keep the house temperature down is working but not as energy using as just having a darned air conditioner. I really didn't think we needed one until the baby came along. Keeping that kid cool is a full time job!

She's been nursing on 45 minute increments and then sleeping most all day. A pretty human way to deal with the heat. I have been way up on the water consumption, given my recent drive by with mastitis (which I kicked! Thank you BBdr!) I am pretty paranoid about getting dehydrated. Let me tell you Intartube audience, when your boobs hurt your whole day is pretty much shot! Not to mention your attention is GALVANIZED! Whoooo lordy!

SO...needless to's hot!

On to the photo documentation!


Here's Papa after a hard day doing his work building a curriculum for young men kicking back with his favorite hot babe. Notice the subtle mama coordination of the pink bobby, pink diaper cover and the red yoga ball. Kickin!

You gotta love this girl's style. Work that arm Viv!

Enjoy the Mama finally getting back to posting on the blog!



Anonymous said...

Ohhh, how we've been waiting for more pictures!! Yummmmm!

Been warm there, too, huh? The woods here are fully leaved out, thanks to all the spring rains, so the humidity is highly present, too; argh.

LOVE love love the advancements in diaper adornment since you, Katye-luv, were in them. yer momma

Bentley said...


Bpaul said...

No no, no infection actually. Just a clog, a minor backup.

Thank God.


Bentley said...

Agreed! >_> I Would of felt horrible if it was an actual infection!

I'm sososo glad all of you are doing well :D