Friday, May 22, 2009

Baby First: Bottle feeding

I was inspired to start digging out "baby firsts" from this blog and my memory by Stephanie today at Kt's work. She mentioned that her daughter recently found a "baby's first year" journal at a store, and immediately started grilling her about her first tooth, and trip to the park, and car ride, and visitor.

And, we haven't started one of these journals yet.

SO -- there is a new category of post that will enter this online journal, the Baby First. Text-only, a brief description of firsts as they happen.

Today: First bottle feeding. Viv kinda looked at me like I was crazy when I first introduced the bottle, then I hummed and rocked her back and forth and wiggled the nipple in her mouth a bit and she latched and fed. But after a little bit, she kinda spit the nipple back out and gave me a look like "what the hell is this all about anyway?"

Also, Katye's first day back at work. She went in to do some book keeping for one of her clients. Our strategy: feed the baby like crazy, get her asleep, then she and I lay down for a nap and Kt goes to work. When the bebeh wakes and isn't yet fully with it, I bottle feed her a bit, and we hang out around the house. Feed as necessary. Then, when she begins to fuss, get the Baby Hawk sling on, suit up with the diaper bag, and walk to Kt's work. With the bebeh, that takes about 40 minutes one way.

She yelled and screamed when I put her in the sling, but within the first 1/2 block of walking, she calmed down and started dozing off. Within 3 blocks she was out like a light.

Bravo, Little Viv, Bravo.

She fed at the office, got a diaper change, socialized a bit and then into the car seat and home. On a day when I wasn't still breaking in a new pair of shoes, I will attempt a walk back home and leaving Kt at work for another few hours. But this is the first trip, so we consider it a raging success.

She's still a little thing, so lots of Mama time is in order.

Enjoy being reminded of the things that will at a much later date be good to have,



Catherine Just said...

yes I like the firsts lists. our baby book has that too. It also has a place to write in things like
the cost of milk, the cost of our car, cost of the house, stuff like that to get an idea about what's happening in the world financially. And it asks things like
what are the current movies, world news, popular actors, music favorites, etc.
It will be interesting to look back on that stuff to see how things have changed when he gets older.

Girl in Red Shoes said...

Yay Viv!