Monday, May 11, 2009

The after-Mother's-day-Mother's-day-post

Mother's day was an especially eventful one in Ms. Vivian Paul's life. She took her first public transit ride, she saw her first orchid show, and she got to hang out with her super-duper uncle Damon.

And, for gratuitous awesomeness, we'll post the amazing plant Kt brought home from the show for her self-chosen Mother's day present.

On to the pictures:

5/10/09 First Max Ride!

Kt and the Bebeh on the Max platform waiting for the train to take her to the Orchid show.

5/10/09 Ist Max Ride

There we go, proof of the Bebeh's 1st max ride. You can see the name of our public transit right in the picture -- nice work Damon.

5/10/09 Orchid Show and BB

Kt in front of an impressive display of orchids at the Oregon Orchid Society's annual show. Conveniently held on Mother's day.

5/10/09 Checking out at Orchid Show

Kt checking out with the nice lady at the Orchid show. What she bought (see nearby pictures) is absolutely amazing.

5/10/09 Damon and BB

Uncle Damon finally photographed holding the bebeh. There is a special bond here, mark our words.

5/10/09 Damon and BBII

A great picture of Proud Uncle Damon with Ms. Viv. Yes, she did in fact get a good fistful of that beard. We're all very proud of her for that.

5/10/09 Carnivorous plant from Mother's Day

Nepenthes Miranda -- a complex hybridized Asiatic Cobra plant. It's carnivorous, vigorous with good light indoors, and beyond awesome. This is what my wife comes up with when sent to an Orchid show with some gift money. All on her own. She's amazing.

5/10/09 Carnivorous plant pitchers

Pitchers off the amazing N. Miranda Kt got at the show. This is where I want professional photographers, because honestly this is one of the coolest house plants I've ever seen, and our little snap and shoot (with amateurs behind the wheel) truly don't do it justice.

There ya go -- we have other pictures to catch the blog up to the present day -- but The Wife really wanted to get this one done. She's been soothing a tired bebeh nearby on the bed while I've been typing this up, as well as providing editorial review.

Enjoy friends, plants, and bebehs,



Anonymous said...

Now that's some plant! No flies in YOUR house. Mostly though, it's good to meet more of the family and little Vivian so well planted in her world, too! ohhhh, this journal is great. smooch, va momma & john who puts a Picture of the Day on the screen for me to see first!

Catherine Just said...

OH MY GOD - that plant is going to eat the kitties or something.
p.s. take that plant outside - and then take a photo of one of those gorgeous bell shaped things that is hanging off of it. The natural lighting will do that plant some good.
( your photo tip of the day )

Bpaul said...

Glad you are enjoying it Nana.

CtheG -- thanks we'll try that when it's not howling outside, though maybe overcast/raining will make an interesting picture too...

the good reverend said...

Lovely photos, but that "plant" is absolutely terrifying, in a be-tentacled sort of way. Cthulhu arising! Will be interested to hear if it cuts down on summer indoor flies, but don't leave it alone with the baby.

Anonymous said...

That plant's not gonna eat your kitties -- that plant's gonna have sex with your kitties! Yowza. Nice lips.


Jamers said...

I love Viv! I love her with her uncle Damon. And I love the plant. thank you love loves, for sharing the glory days with us. life, it's so cool, eh?