Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Crystals and Dolphins and Bebehs, Oh My.

I'll go straight to the pictures:

5/2/09 Crystal and the Bebeh

Ms. Crystal came by the house to do some bebeh holding, always a welcome guest.

5/2/09 Crystal and conked-out bebeh

Great picture of two pretty ladies.

5/11/09 Dolphin holding baby

Ms. Collette a.k.a. Dolphin, came by and did some Craniosacral work on Katye, and of course to hold the Bebeh. Katye loved the work, and felt great after the session.

5/11/09 Sleeping bebeh

What more to say, two hand-made blankets (Mom and Gerda), and a cute-as-hell sleeping bebeh.

5/11/09 bebeh hands

Those are the hands of the bebeh, 'nuff said.

5/11/09 zonked-out bebeh

I find this picture hilarious -- soooo zonked out. So cute.


Anonymous said...

Vivian is absolutely adorable. I would love to meet her soon. By the way, how is life with minimal if any sleep? Mary

Mary Doak said...

You need to post some photos of Mom with Vivian. Better yet, all three of you.

Bpaul said...

She sleeps like a champ, actually. We sleep very very well for having such a young child. There are nightly feedings and fussings, but overall we're dandy in the sleep department.

Bpaul said...

I'll work on more mama and dad photos.