Friday, May 22, 2009

A slew of Daddy/Bebeh pictures

We had a few Daddy pictures come up all at once, so I thought I'd put them all into the same post.

5/10/09 Dad and Bebeh waking up

Kt made the observation that sitting in this chair, staring out the window, is the way that both Viv and I seem to enjoy waking up. After a bit of staring, then maybe some tea (and mama milk) -- but first some good old-fashioned zoning out must occur.

5/15/09 Daddyblogging For The Win

The old bebeh in the knee maneuver has become a favorite of mine as of late. Allows for a small amount of multi-tasking. This isn't my only blog, after all.

5/15/09 Boppy-as-travel-pillow

I've never claimed to have a small noggin. In fact, I shopped for hats just today at a local haberdashery, and my selection was quite limited due to the size of my cranium.

It was late, the baby was fussy so I was holding her -- she would only sleep on someone. So, I got her secured, then got the boppy on and zonked out with her. Yes, they're made to go around the waist of a nursing mother, but if it works it works.

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Catherine Just said...

I LOVE these photos of the two of you. DARLING.
I love the both of you waking up and staring out the window. THAT is precious. And the boppy as travel pillow is killing me.