Thursday, May 21, 2009

The Bebeh and the Sikh

Here are some photos and comments from Viv's first visit to the Chiropractor -- the lovely and talented Dr. Khalsa.

On to the photos:

5/15/09 Bebeh's first Chiropractic visit

Here's Ms. Viv (in another "rocking Dad outfit" -- hey stripes go with stripes sheesh) and Dr. Khalsa, our beloved Chiropractor. On a whim (or an intuition, or a hunch) I told Kt she should get an adjustment. Her back had been killing her for a while anyway. We took the bebeh to have Khalsa possibly do an adjustment for her too.

5/15/09 Khalsa and the Bebeh

Viv did get an adjustment while we were at the Chiro. She had a rib out -- Dr. Khalsa took my finger and showed me what it felt like, comparing a correct rib and the one that was out. I, to be honest, don't know that I could have told the difference. This is why we have experts in our lives. His adjustment was so quick she kind of squeaked and then it was over. I was holding her and didn't even notice it. The Wife and I both think it's going to be a good plan to get the Bebeh both Chiro and Craniosacral as she gets older to keep her straight and healthy.

5/15/09 Viv giving it to Dr. Khalsa

In the end, the beard couldn't win her over -- she was over-stimulated and let us all know this in no uncertain terms. It was a very successful visit, not just for Katye (who felt like a million bucks) but for the Bebeh.

This picture was pre-adjustment, she calmed down after a little work from Dr. Khalsa's skilled hands.

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