Sunday, May 17, 2009

Yogis and Yoginis visit the house

Oh, the steady tread of time -- we're reaching back again a few weeks to catch everyone up on the pictures. I endeavor to be caught up by the end of the week so we can keep this recent and relevant.

On to the pictures:

5/01/09 Jmichael caught in the act

Kt had to take a picture of Mr. Yoga when he was at our house warming up for some baby holding. (Sorry Jmichael, I had to post it, I'm under orders).

5/01/09 Jmichael and the bebeh

A rare sighting of the reclusive-yet-affable yoga teacher at The Crazy House. Amazing what having a newborn around will do.

5/01/09 Angie and the bebeh

Our lovely friend Angie came by today as well -- it was just a yoga-rific kinda day. The red of Vivian's face really sets off Angie's smile, don't ya think?

Enjoy quality friends rubbing elbows with your progeny,


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