Monday, June 1, 2009

Visits! (Catch up photos)

We're still a bit behind in the posting arena. BP's been busy and, frankly, I've been holding the baby!

Earlier in the week, as it got hot, I ate something that didn't quite sit right with Viv and we had a terrible Monday-Wednesday with gas, crying non-stop and general uncomfortableness. Bad news bears. We don't know how parents of colicy kids MAKE it in the world. After an EPIC spit up of some sour milk and stomach fluids and two poops in an hour on Wednesday, the week generally smoothed out. That day has come to be known as "bodily fluid" day, as I was covered in every one she currently creates at one point of the day or another. Go motherhood!

The end of the week saw Viv back to good spirits and accepting visitors. On to the pics!


Here's our good friend father Paul of the cloth...who stopped by for an impromptu visit. He was out doing good deeds or something and came to remind Viv of her place in his heart.

As you can see, he's smitten! Of course, it helps that we named her after him (cough, cough).


Not our kid but what the hay!

Had an impromptu visit from "that neighbor kid" this morning. Apparently he now hightails it over to our house whenever his mom lets him pick his destination outside. He has a great relationship with Petey, the black and white cat. They like to play chase around the living room.

The other side of this photo is the cat trying to look relaxed and nonchalant. We know he's not though. "That neighbor kid" is awful fast for a 14 month old! Just got to walking a couple of weeks ago and already is trying to kill his mother with stress by taking a few good tumbles. Take notes falling!


The BBdr instructed us that little Vivian legs need to not be splayed out when in slings, which is fine if you are holding her face towards you. Unfortunately the preferred position is looking out these days...darn it all! Being held like a little baby was SO last week. Here Papa models the newest attempt in baby fashion forwardness...HA! I crack my self up!



Anonymous said...

Whoa! Twice in one morning! GREAT! Gotta watch that garlic intake--...or?
Such a life! va momma

girl cousins said...

you crack me up too.