Tuesday, June 9, 2009


So I spend my day having lovely interactions with such a sweet sweet baby, but who would know!? Trying to get the kid to smile for the camera is almost impossible. She smiles and grins in her sleep, on the changing table, in the bouncy chair, when she's napping....for the camera? NO!

Here's my best shot at it. BP and I are going to tag team trying to get the super cute full gummy grin captured at some point. As soon as I figure out how to post video, I also have 2 + hilarious minutes of Viv just staring the camera down looking impossibly serious. No smiling!

To the evidence!
Try number 1:

Trying to get this kid to smile for the camera is difficult!

Try number 2:


Try number 3:

Pretty close!

Try number 4:

And she's over it! The 2 minutes of video I have trying to do the same thing are pretty funny but fruitless. She's REALLY stinking cute when she gives you the big grin!

I'll capture it! I swear I will!

In other news, it's been busy around here. Trying to keep up with the garden, a growing baby (2 months! Wow!) and the house is really a full time job. I'm looking forward to Auntie Tamara and Grandma Nana coming in the next few weeks so I can get something done while they do some baby holding! BP has been busy back to work all over with Playwrite and Peace Warrior curriculum work occupying him. When Dad was here he got to see a final performance evening with a group of kids BP had worked with. He said it was really neat. I have yet to be able to schedule to get there, but I will!

The garden is rocking and I'm getting ready to do a bit of canning since Oregon strawberries have just come into season. Jam! YA! Other than that, we're all healthy and wise...just looking for a touch more tangible wealth these days. It's coming I just know it!

Enjoy your Tuesday!
KT and Viv


Kate said...

I'll attest to the level of cuteness when she smiles...that kind of cute should be illegal!

Lemme know if you need/want help with canning. I've never tried it and it sounds like something I should learn =)

Anonymous said...

I love the pictures! I am going to bring my good camera and will work on getting some good shots of her as well as the family!
I can't wait to meet and hold her.
See you Saturday!
Auntie Tamara