Sunday, June 21, 2009

Father's day

My first father's day, and I'm getting a flood of emails and phone calls and text messages -- many from the most random and heart-warming places.

Thanks ya'll.

Here's a picture my sister took, not necessarily glamor shot material for either one of us, but cool nonetheless.



Catherine Just said...

Happy First Father's Day!
We had a great one over here. hope you did too.
We are so blessed aren't we!

stingite said...

Happy Father's Day to you Brandon!

Bpaul said...

Hey Papaman!! Huge hugs to you sir.



Crystal said...

Fatherhood becomes you Mr. Landis. You two look fantastic. Smooch!

Good Reverend said...

I beg to differ - definitely glamour shot material! Happy Father's day, beautiful friends.