Monday, June 15, 2009

Auntie Tammy visits and we clip nails

So BP's sister arrived Saturday to get down to some serious baby holding. She's born to hold babies and works with children with disabilities so she's a saint to boot. Viv took an immediate liking to her (as well she should).

More photo's as the week progresses with Auntie Tammy. Here are the first few.

When Auntie Tammy arrived Viv had just dropped off for a nap. Undaunted, Auntie Tammy jumped right in with some expert baby holding.

Viv, a staunch sleeper, is actually soaking up the "being held while sleeping" vibes that Tammy is putting off.

Close up of the BB in full respite.

I also got the chance to get Viv's nails clipped (SCARY!!!) later that evening. Everyone thought it was hilarious that I was wearing my headlamp in order to see but I'll not have her blood on my hands if I clipped her little finger off! Safety first!

Later in the evening Viv passed out enough to stop wiggling in her sleep and I got some valuable nail clipping done. With the help of baby-crazy Dr. Octagon (one of BP's old study buddies who was over for a little BBQ) we got the job done. Notice the headlamp worn by the mama for precision cutting.


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