Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Nap bomb

Auntie Tammy (BP's sister) is visiting from deep behind the Orange curtain. She's got quite the touch with the BB...lots of smiles from her and Viv was immediately comfortable and receptive with her. Nice to see the old girl knows family when she gets held by it!

So Tammy and I snuck off for a couple of hours to watch the Lakers kick the tar out of the Magic in the NBA finals and left Viv with BP. Apparently a nap bomb went off in the living room while we were gone. It effected both the baby and papa along with ALL 3 of the cats.

Uncle Tait, stalwart resister of the nap, was there to document the lack of action.

BP and Viv trying to not succumb to the powerful nap emissions being let off by Sula "the nap creator". She has such a powerful gravitational pull that she can suck everyone in a 2 room radius into a semi-conscious state in under 10 minutes. Add a sunbeam in the room and ya'll are DONE FOR!

View the documented power of the cat!

She looks so innocent wielding her power!

Even the other cats cannot resist the power of the Napinator!

Enjoy the supernatural powers of your (pseudo) domesticated animals,



Anonymous said...

Great photos, Tait! touching commentary! va momma

girl cousins said...

nap bomb is da bomb.