Wednesday, June 24, 2009

New Snaps from Mom

So, Nana Povi (My mom) is visiting and getting GREAT snaps of the BB. She hunted and stalked the elusive smile and was triumphant! (see video below) She has been diligent at baby holding, cooing, wrangling, burping...pretty much putting all those long lost kid skills back to use.

We're off to Breightenbush hot springs tonight so I can assist with a sweatlodge and the BB can get some multiple hour car time. It'll be a first for a 3 hour trip in the car...I have big prayers out that it will be smooth, easy and uneventful!

Here are a few of mom's snaps I particularly like. We have more on flickr...if you want info on that get a hold of BP or myself.

The Many Faces of Vivian:

MAN can this kid get any cuter?

When the Z's and Deb where through town this weekend Zia got aproximatly 300 photos of Viv in 48 I expect there will be more good ones. I still have yet to see Auntie Tammy's awesome photos...I bet there are a lot of amazing ones. The couple black and white ones have made the rounds and are awesome!

Enjoy your Wednesday!


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Girl in Red Shoes said...

Have fun! Viv is just so stinkin cute!