Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Photos from beginning of February

Ok, we've had some gentle and not so gentle nudges from the Grandmas to get more visuals up on the site. Here we go.

Also, as unglamorous as it is, The Wife has set the time/date stamp on the phone to make sure that info is in the pictures. There is some small controversy about this, but photoshop in skilled hands can fix this easily.

Some photos from the beginning of February:

First, a picture of little miss "up on my knees." She loves to crawl up to things, pull up to her knees, then sit down like a good little tea ceremony participant and do whatever she came there to do. Normally, wreak havoc.

Katye found a tryptich of photos of a newly-crawling baby over at one of her favorite mommy blogs Girls Gone Child. Baby looks up at photographer, baby crawling away, baby's feet just make the last shot. She tried a few times, but could only get a dyptich due to Viv's speed and our camera's not-speed. Cute nonetheless.

The Crackberry is one of the most favored toys in the whole house. Keys are a pretty close second, but they don't blink and flash when you push on them. Unless the car is real close, then it can get super exciting.

And an interestingly different take on the same position:

Pensive? Tired? (a bit rheummy-eyed, could definitely be tired):

There we go Grandmas, a little Vitamin V for ya,



Anonymous said...

Whew! JUST in time -- a V deficiency is exhausting! Those minimum daily requirements are strict. What a beautiful little girl our Vivi is -- wish she could feel our hugs and kisses -- you, too!!! povi

Kathy said...

Wow 1 year old now! amazing how the time flies! Happy Birthday Viv! ....I know the message doesn't go with the post...but it was the latest one. Way to go with the first year of training the parental units!