Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Tons of cuteness, more moving pictures

These were all taken yesterday by the sterling Canukistani Kate. Viv is still mugging for the camera, so Kate figured out that just turning the camera on would get her to crawl forward. Flashy lights = perfect bait.

I'm not holding back, you're getting all of them. Brace yourself for a cute apocalypse.

There ya go, enough Viv to last a while yet.

(Yes Povi, we will get photos up too, I know you need a re-up on your screen saver)


1 comment:

Anonymous said...

She's so INTENT and CONFIDENT of each little grunt and click...! I love the clicks, actually - mostly in the last one -- showing her Masai connection no doubt. She, like the rest of her tribe, go for where the perceived 'action' is or is about to be...she knows that 'little black boxes' are verrryyy important to the 'Tall Ones'. Trouble ahead! thanks dear Kate; great little camera, Povi