Monday, April 19, 2010

Grandma Shirley's pictures of Viv's 1st 1st birthday

It's the 1st 1st birthday because there will be a 2nd 1st birthday as well. One more for the next visiting Grandma. We figure, she doesn't know the exact date she was born yet, so no harm no foul -- we'll have the birthdays in the same month when family's in town.

On to the pictures, all taken by Grandma Shirley.

Birthday onsie from Grandma Shirley!

Amidst the presents, a very intent child.

Our girl having a good time.

A lovely photo of one of babycake's favorite activities, window gazing. Actually it is of two of her favorite activities, window gazing and stair climbing. I love the light and mood of this one.

Enjoy celebrating milestones,



Catherine Just said...

ohhh cute outfit and photos!
Can't wait for Viv to teach Max to climb stairs and gaze out the window!

Anonymous said...

She caught the wonder and delight of the moment, all right! What an array of smiles and hugs it must be from her 'side' of things...Onward, Vivi!!!!! povi