Sunday, January 10, 2010

Little girl is changing fast, keep up!

Again a slew of pictures from Auntie Kate. Apparently, little miss "I love electronics" is mobile enough now that when a camera is brought to her level she scoots right over there. Thus all the face close-ups. But it doesn't get much cuter than those types of pictures, so I'm not complaining.

Boris is pretty damned patient and interactive with the bebeh, I must say.

Finally some good "many moods of Vivian" pictures:

There ya go, more fodder for your screen savers ladies,



Anonymous said...

Hooray!! Way to go Kate and Company! Vivi is SO - SO - SO REAL and the two lower teeth, such a metaphor for tenacity! Boris remains c o o l... smart on his part.
Povi's day has been made! John's already put it on the screensaver slideshow--yummm - love you all, povi

Rachael S. said...

Oh the babies. How I love them. And they are SO AWESOME at this age. (Please note: I say that about every age but it always seems true.)