Saturday, November 14, 2009

Saturday Morning Video -- sitting up

Good morning folks!

Here is a nice long video of Ms. Viv sitting up and basically just hanging out on a Saturday morning.

New developmental landmarks:

Two teeth showing in her lower jaw (one on the side is coming in too, we suspect).

Sitting up nice and solidly now.

Actually eating a bit of food, instead of just mouthing and spitting out. (Yesterday, butternut squash)

New sounds, which of course didn't make it onto the video because the little black shiny thing was present which stops all novel activity.

On to the video!

11/14/09 Saturday Morning Sit Up

We thought a nice long video of Ms. Viv was appropriate this morning. Nothing crazy going on, just life -- cheeks, some verbalizations.

Enjoy moving picture updates,


[Note to self: Flickr cuts off video at 1:30 -- important information]


Anonymous said...

Ohhhhhhhh, yes! Make our Day! Whether or not it is a 'long' video is a matter of opinion--I was ready for a 2 hour epic, myself -- John, too! And TWO teeth already and without Toooo much pain (she says 'way over here on the other coast where we couldn't hear the fusses). She is So So 'Herself'! Beauty and wit wrapped up in a cute sweater...luckty you guys: it's lovely to watch such devoted parents--even if they are outside the picture frame... thanks! thanks! Go Vivi--our little Hiccup -- povi and john

Catherine Just said...

oh god is she cute - but it's even cuter to see Katye pinching, googling, messing with Viv the entire video. And hearing Brandon's commentary. Love that. Made me feel like I was in the living room with you for a sec. Drinking some killer jasmine pearl tea in my sweats.
and YES that viv is adorable. I would be squeezing those cheeks all day too.