Monday, November 2, 2009

Grandmas, and Pears!

Two Grandma birthdays today -- what are the odds? So, I decided it was way way past time to load up the blog with a bunch of hot-off-the-presses baby photos.

We have a new camera, and the photos will now flow again. Thanks for your patience.

On to the pics:

So, first week of experimenting with solid food. We switched from butternut squash to pears (steamed) today. As you can tell by the look on her face here, this eating solid foods thing is new -- and... scary? Uncomfortable?

Ok so maybe not THAT bad after all eh?

Messy face, but cute nonetheless.

I love this look. It's beyond me to describe or interpret it -- but I love it.

"Here, let me get that"

"This substance... it intrigues me."

Ahhh, no more feeding.

My daughter doesn't look like this --- but.

Really, I don't know how I got her to look this way, low camera angle, big meal, ... she looks like a mob Kingpin. I had to post it.

Maybe this is her "'Das Riiight" look.

Happy Birthday Nana Povi and Nana Carol!

Enjoy change,


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Anonymous said...

What dandy photo presents you've given Carol and me today -- glad you have a camera again 'cause you are able to catch some Mighty Peculiar and Dangerously Charming glimpses of that little Hiccup we love! Thanks all!!! we love you! povi