Sunday, November 29, 2009

Firsts, teeth and highchair

Hello all.

So, Ms. Viv is working on her 4th tooth. They are very elusive to photograph, but our friend Kate (or Shady, or Canukistani Kate) has pulled it off. First, here are some teeth [remember, you can click the picture for a larger version]:

Another photo just because it came out well. There are very few electronic thingies in Viv's world, so anything that beeps or lights up is majorly exciting. In this case, it's the baby monitor.

And lastly -- Vivian sitting in a restaurant high chair for the first time. We went out to our favorite Indian Buffet (Namaste, there's one on 82nd and Sandy now!) and decided to give the chair a try.

Lots of love to the Viv fans out there,



Anonymous said...

Another round of applause rises from the East Coast for the talented communicative parents of The Viv !!! Hooray! Fabulous teeth-- sitting like a Rahini queen, to boot.

She'll be on our computer screen saver in 'slideshow' mode before nightfall. What a beauty-ful baby And parents -- love to all, povi and john

Catherine Just said...

total cuteness!!!
she's got 4 more teeth than Max does!