Wednesday, December 9, 2009

My how time flies...


So it's been a coons age since I posted anything here. It feels like millions of years have passed and then just mere seconds at the same time. I can't believe I have an 8 month old daughter when I was just newly pregnant a few days ago! That thing they say about time, it's true. It flies. I get it now. I can mark the march of my days forward in the bite sized milestones of another month under the baby's belt.

Here she is in what our friend Angie refers to as "her office". It's a big horrible lump of plastic and she loves it. GAH! We don't put her in it very often but boy, she gets a lot of mileage out of the time when she's there. Dealing with the Sun on a stick employee that is far to happy or putting Mr. Turtle-noisy-thing in his place are daily chores.

The Bear-mirror usually gets a talking too as well...

My sweet little girl is growing ever upward and onward. We're into the realm of 4 teeth now, two on the top and 2 on the bottom. She's putting them in place at an alarming rate. The nursing has been pretty status quo though I can feel the teeth when she nurses to sleep. There have been no chompings and I expect to keep it that way. I also expect to keep nursing for as long as she'll let me. She's a big, robust one, she is.

And such a patient child. She travels well, puts up with being hauled up to Redwind often, being outside for hours often, having a group of folks over every Friday night to game. She's a very gregarious child. Quick to smile and very into waving when you walk into the room and when you leave. A charmer, for sure.

We've also introduced a few weeks of swimming classes. It's sort of just "get in the pool" classes and it's a bit chilly but she's a trooper. I suspect we'll be doing more of that as she gets older since I want her to be able to swim like a fish and because she's an intensely physical child. Active at scooting around, grabbing, wanting to be held often, smacking on things...all of these things are just beginning to ramp up, I suspect.

She's also just finally figured out the stuff we've been putting in her mouth for the last month. Oh yeah, squash monster is in the house! She's also started sitting up in the highchairs when we go to restaurants! And man does she enjoy water. Just a little bit in her small plastic cup I overed from an event I was at (it's perfectly Vivian sized!) and she's thrilled! She get's some after every meal and it's really the highlight. That and the pears...those are a big hit too.

So time is marching on. I am just getting back into the swing of the digital camera and will endevour to post more pictures both here and on Facebook. I return to work full time in January and am gearing up to start studying again for my tests so we'll see how much free time I have. All of it will go to BP and Viv, I'm sure.

What's not to love?

Happy holidays if we don't get to see you! I'll take more pictures of the baby when it snows, as it inevitably will!


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Anonymous said...

Oh what a day to wake up to these delightful photos of Lively Viv and the commentary from the Luv-mom. Thanks so -- as much as tech is not a favorite thing at our house, either, I am grateful it allows us to be 'in the moment' for just a moment or two with you all.

Doubly auspicious since it's John's birthday today -- the perfect present for my fella! love to all, povi