Friday, August 28, 2009

Videos instead of photos -- Papa takes Viv to the Zoo

Ok so since our camera doesn't work and needs replacing, I took the little flip video and made some talkies.

My friend Tony suggested we go to the zoo with Girlie before he lands a job (cross your fingers everyone) and isn't available for this type of week-time fun anymore. Here are the videos that I took.

8/25/09 Vivian's outfit for the zoo

This is what happens when the father is left alone to dress the daughter. I like the gangster hat, with the jaunty puffball on the top and the Lorax in the front. As for the bumblebee leggings -- stripes go with stripes, right?

Portland Zoo 8/25/09 Lorikeet Aviary

I think the Lorikeet Aviary was the highlight of this whole day at the Zoo. You can buy little dixie cups full of 'nectar' to feed the birds. The birds are outlandishly, garishly colored and really brash. They weren't wallflowers that's for sure. A number of times Tony and I would be talking, about 2' away from each other, and a Parrot would fly right through our line of vision, buffeting our faces on the way through. The people watching, or rather the kid-watching was the best.

8/25/09 Lorikeet aviary close up

Ok, so I haven't figured out how to flip the videos on my flipvideo. Sorry.

Anyway, here is a beautiful Lorikeet eating in the aviary.

8/25/09 Vivian watches a waterfall at the zoo

Again, with the sideways video -- sorry. Anyway, Viv had started to get fussy. And rightfully so, we had been at the zoo all day long, and just been through a cave full of (literally) screaming children. She had pretty much had it with us and this situation when we passed a little waterfall at the zoo and boom. Suddenly mesmerized and content. Note to self: the girl likes falling water.

Whups, almost forgot the last video -- the all important "baby passed out due to long day" video, featuring the beautiful wife and mama.

8/25/09 Vivian conked out from long day at Zoo

It was a long day at the zoo, and the kiddo was conked out. Figured it would be a good ending to this series.

There ya go Grandmas and other Vivian fans. Thanks for the patience, we endeavor to post way more often than this.


Bp, Kt, and Vv


Anonymous said...

I love the vidoes. Wow! She sure has grown.
What a fun day at the zoo and I love the fact that she loves waterfalls. Now you can get one for the house!
Auntie T.

Just Jules said...

FINALLY! We have all been waiting with bated breathe for new photos of our Diva. So adorable! The waterfall scene reminded me that both of my boys had sound machines in their rooms while they were little to provide white was a hit with them both!

Bpaul said...

I immediately started brainstorming cat- and kitten- and kittybunny- friendly interior water features. I'll post if I find something that fits the bill.

We have inadvertent sound machines, in that we use fans most of the summer. Works great to soften outside or startling noises and help her stay asleep. Though it can make the baby monitor mighty annoying.

cjlandis said...

There is our DivineVivienne, just darling, with our super new computer I feel like I could reach out and pinch her cheeks. Love, Grandma C.

Bpaul said...

wow you are getting all savvy you go