Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Unscripted quiet moments with the Papa

Mom caught a great moment with Papa that I didn't realize we had until I downloaded OUR camera (rather than relying on Mom's for the last month). I love these...

Enjoy your Tuesday!



rachael2019@yahoo.com said...

Very nice.

I have been checking in every once in awhile and am enjoying all the photos. I'd also like to make a request, if you are interested and have the time. I read several blogs, mostly written by moms (but not all are mommy blogs), and really enjoy hearing about they are changing--everyone changes over time, of course, but especially once you have kids. So, want to do some navel-gazing? I'd also love to hear more about Vivian's personality and what your normal everyday life is like with her (not just with special trips or visitors).

As Jamie is waking up to the world outside, I am just facinated by his development as a little person (soooo different from Finn ALREADY). So who is Vivian these days?

Bpaul said...

KT read this to me in the car (from the Crackberry) and we both thought about it for a minute... then she said "so the gauntlet has been thrown down." LOL.

I'll see if I can get some navel-gazing going on. Used to be my specialty, I'll see if I can pull it off for ya.

Cool request, you rock.


Anonymous said...

Noticing and recording the changes reminds me of the Zen story about the centipede who walked just fine, with his 100 legs and feet, until he tried to talk about how he did it...which moved first? here? there? up and over? down? etc... Change, the obvious and the subtle--and it's all 'US'! can't wait to see what shakes out, povi

Crystal said...

The papa/daughter photos are so painfully sweet. They make me all squishy inside.

Suzanne Hallerman said...

so great! You're really going to treasure those.