Monday, August 31, 2009

Time keeps on moving - Viv at almost 5 months!

Time flies when you don't have a camera! It's been a busy summer. We've been blueberry picking and canning. Just had our first big crop of tomatoes come in and did some putting up yesterday in between nap times.

We also added another little animal to our ever increasing brood...a kitten currently being called Ace. Name pending. He's a frisky, sweet, lovable little guy that we hope will fill the void left by Wapiti's passing for Jane. Jane just hasn't had anyone to play with and is bugging the old lady cat, Sula, who wants nothing to do with her. Enter Ace...let the tear-assing around the house begin! He is also going to be quite the companion for Tait...who is also nursing a sore heart from the passing of all boy cats this last year (RIP Pootie and Wapiti), tho he wouldn't tell you that.

In Vivland, I am continually amazed at how the child I put to bed the night before is a new and improved one the next morning. Smiles are abundant and come easily. She's gotten into the habit of smiling at strangers FIRST and then being shy / coy.

And somehow she's getting cuter, I wasn't sure that was possible.

Of course, I just sit around and drink tea all day, taking credit for having such a cute kid. Photographic evidence doesn't lie! HA!

There are signs that crawling is eminent. Tummy time happens on and off for most of the day. She's very alert and interested in her surroundings and especially anything that she can grab. This new found skill is becoming mighty unpopular with the long haired crowd we run around with. Several detanglings have already occurred.

All in all she's a champ and a trooper. She's really gotten comfortable in the car seat and being dragged around all over hell and gone, as our lifestyle dictates.

AND still skeptial of it all...good girl. She's got a good head on her shoulders. And I'm lucky to have her.

We're working on getting a new camera (with all the money falling from the sky) so bear with us folks...until then, thanks much to Shady Kate for spending Saturdays with Ms. Viv and I. She's been taking many a photograph of the bunny.

Camera, new flooring of some sort AND my CPA test prep program are the big purchases we'll somehow manage by the end of the year! That way she can crawl on something nice, we can photograph it and she can be proud of her mama finally kicking those tests and being done with all that nonsense! Some day!

Happy Monday!

Kt and Viv


Bpaul said...

Great post luv

Kathy said...

lov lov lov the last two posts! It is truly amazing to be able to see her character emerging! She is definitely one to keep an eye on.

Anonymous said...

What a way for me to enjoy the ending of a long day! John of course had the photos on 'slideshow' mode on the computer this morning but I didn't think about a text to go I LOVED loved reading just before bed. Big weekend meeting over, resuming my art stuff, enjoying the feeling of cool fall in the air... just wish I was one sofa cushion away from Vivi and all of you.... kisses! povi

Kate said...

as if spending time with you two and taking photos of Miss Viv were a hardship ;)
She really is getting cuter every day!