Monday, September 14, 2009

Israel's pictures from Last Weekend (12th of Sept.)

Before we get fired by our parents, I thought we'd better get a post up.

Relying on other people's cameras, but got ya'll pictures nonetheless. Our dear friends Israel and Rachel visited last weekend, and Israel took some great photos of the kiddo. He's a photographer, so I aught to have expected that these would turn out well.

Instead of trying to interpolate comments I'll just say that that's Mr. Pitts a day back from West Africa looking very suave and debonair. Little Missy is teething, so you can see that lots of things are ending up in her mouth. And, as for Boris the Kitteh -- the distinction between baby toys and baby kitty toys is very very blurry.

Enjoy the writers of this blog getting off their keisters,


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Anonymous said...

GLORIOUS! Fabulous! Beautiful! o brother...just can't help myself. So glad John checked the blog again today. Kisses to Israel for his dandy work -- the Hiccup is growing! What a happy baby in her dad's arms - and mom's -- with and without little kitty's toys. Purdy durn nice kitty, too. what a household. Run out of over-the-top descriptors but will be finding more, count on it. Thanks guys - love to all, povi and john