Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Pictures, both stills AND talkies!

Going to stop posting dates up in the title, and begin putting them right in the picture descriptions.

I'll go straight to the pictures (and video!!):

4/29/09 Conked out bebeh -- Ahhh baby acne, it's supposed to peak at one month (a week away). The homeopathic bebeh treatment was continued today and seemed to have great results. No fussy bebeh at all.

4/29/09 Auntie Rachael w/Bebeh -- The always-stylish auntie Rachael came by today for a nice long visit, catch-up, and some bebeh holding. She's a veteran mama and was immediately accepted by Ms. Vivian.

4/29/09 Pops with the Bebeh -- Me and the Bebeh after a long day away. She does seem to know her papa and calm down when I hold her, which is sweet.

4/29/09 The Magic Chair -- Oh the magic bouncy chair, we love you so. The bebeh conked out for over 2 hours in it today and gave both the Mama and I tons of hands-free time to get little things done around the house. Very nice.

4/29/09 Wasn't that cute enough? -- I figured if one picture of the bebeh in the magic chair was good, a close up would be even better. Lo and behold, I was right.

And -- for our finale -- moving pictures!! Many thanks to Stu and Colleen for the video flip camera whiz bang thingy. There will be more video to come, I assure you.

4/30/09 Video: Morning on the changing table -- My very first video upload. It's early morning, and I'm kinda whispering. The bebeh is approximately 3 weeks old.

Man, my "baby voice" is a little embarrassing. I didn't want to wake up Kt right in the next room, and was cooing at the baby, which created ridiculousness. But hey, bebehs bring out the ridiculous in a father, it's only natural.

Ahhh, the surreal ramblings of a sleep-deprived early-morning parent. Pure comedy.


Kathy said...

those were all a continuous aaawwww....cute cute cute Vivian is amazing and what she does with you guys is even cuter!

Anonymous said...

Wonderful and wonderfuller!!! We love each second of the video, too! Great dad-and-daughter shot...mellow, yummm. Keep 'em comin' -- what a record.

Catherine Just said...

oh I'm so glad Stu gave you the flip! We bring that thing everywhere - it's so easy to use. I LOVE seeing her in moving pictures. Makes a huge difference.
And you do not sound anything other than a wonderful papa.
and seeing Rachael was a treat for me too. Sheesh. This blog is bringing me down memory lane in more ways then 1.

Girl in Red Shoes said...

Malcolm and Rhosy (and I) love the video.
"Can we watch it again"
"Yes, Malcolm"
"Who is that?"
"Katye and Brandon's baby, Vivian."
Is that Katye and Brandon's baby?"
Yes Mallie...."